How to hide profile photo on Facebook

Very recently the social network Facebook has decided to change what has to do with the profile photo, now it can be adjusted in size and look complete , this is important because with this size adjustment you can modify the privacy of your profile photo without having to delete it so that only those you want can see it.

In this way, you can decide who sees or does not see your profile photo, a function that was not active before. Read on to learn more about it.

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  1. Who can see my profile picture on Facebook?
  2. How do I choose who can see my photos?
  3. How to hide a profile photo
    1. From the browser
    2. In the application
  4. How to activate a hidden photo on Facebook?

Who can see my profile picture on Facebook?

On Facebook your profile photo and cover are public so anyone, even if they are not your friends or do not even have an account on that social network, these photos are published on your account profile and will appear in the section of news from your friends and can be resized .

Your profile photos in your account will appear in the profile photo album and your cover photos will appear in the cover photo album, when someone searches for your profile, next to your name a profile photo will appear, but in thumbnail to that you can be identified by whoever is looking for you .

How do I choose who can see my photos?

If you want to prevent everyone from seeing your profile picture and above all choose who can see them, click on the ” world ball ” icon on Facebook to change the privacy settings of your photos, a drop-down list will appear, you can choose the friends who can see your profile picture.

Remember that if, on the contrary, if what you want is to hide your profile photos from everyone’s view, it does not work in the same way, and you should always remember that the photos must respect Facebook policies and thus avoid being blocked . Here we explain the steps you must follow to achieve this.

How to hide a profile photo

It is possible to configure your privacy on Facebook, so that you can have control of who views your photos, including the profile one.

This privacy setting is called  only me” or “only me” in which Facebook people will not be able to see your comments, your likes, preferences, or your photos, the point is that the profile photos remain at everyone’s view , Facebook friends or not.

So the only thing that can be done is to configure it so that certain users cannot see the photo in large, that is, it will continue to be visible in the thumbnail, but without having access to the description, reactions or comments.

You have to follow a series of simple steps, but they vary if you are using the browser or the mobile application. 

From the browser

First, go to your Facebook profile from your web browser. Log in and go to your profile. Click on your profile picture, and choose the option that says “view profile picture.”

Once the photo is enlarged, click on the “world ball” icon, this is where you will select the option of “just me” or “friends” as the case may be.

In the application

The procedure is similar to the previous one. Enter the application and go to your profile. Then select your profile picture, and then the option to “view profile picture”. You must press the three points that are in the upper part.

There you will see several options, choose “change privacy” . Finally, select if you want to be seen by “friends” or if you prefer “just me”.

Remember that this only allows your profile photo to not be visible in large , but in a thumbnail in comments and notifications.

How to activate a hidden photo on Facebook?

If, on the other hand, you want a photo that you previously hidden to be visible again, you must go to the ” Settings” option in the menu. As you go down, the option “Activity log” will appear. Click there and you will be able to find all the posts you have made, even the hidden one.

Find the post you hid and select it. Hidden posts have a ban icon in the upper left . Once in it, you just have to click on this icon so that the option “visible on the page” appears. Select it and voila, Facebook will notify you that the publication is now visible.

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