How to hide blog on Blogger?

An internet blog should be for everyone, the idea of ​​uploading your writings to the internet is to share an idea with the public. But for this rule there are exceptions and it is that you must from time to time a writer can give himself the pleasure of writing a dedication or a private blog to relatives and close friends, so today you will learn how to hide or put a Blog on Blogger in private.

Everyone can give themselves their whims and these can come in the form of a blog for a loved one, or simply as an experiment to create a new section on a page. So it doesn’t hurt to use the tools that Blogger provides to publish posts that only a limited number of people can see.

Reasons to private a Blog on Blogger

Before you learn how to hide or private a Blog in Blogger it is necessary to investigate a little about the reasons why you can and should create a private blog.

The reality is that everyone can have their own reasons, some deeper than others, but the general ones that you should take into consideration the next time you are going to create a private blog are the following:

To leave a memory for family and friends, it may sound silly but a nice dedication will always be to use your writing gifts to create a blog for your family. Remember that Blogger can add photos,  upload a video to a page , upload a PowerPoint file or presentation , upload a PDF file , among others, making it the most complete platform to do this.

You can also create a blog to run a secret experiment or project . Get together with friends or other writers around the world and start a project in private that they later show to the public.

Here they must test all the ideas they have in mind and then enter test subjects who collaborate in the investigation by giving their opinion.

And last but not least a good reason is to create a special blog that opens on a key date, you can cause intrigue among your readers about a certain chapter of a special blog that will open on a specific date (this will be in private until then) and then open it to get more visits.

Hide Blog

Now that you know the main reasons to use the tools that allow you to hide or private a Blog on Blogger, it is time to do it. The first thing is to go to the ” Settings ” section of your blog.

After this, click on the ” Basic ” option , and then on “Edit privacy”, at this point you will be asked two questions to which you must answer no.

When you finish answering, confirm the changes by clicking on “Save changes”, and go directly to the section called “Blog readers” once there click on ” Edit “.

In this section you will see an option called “Only these readers” mark it, and then right there click on “Add readers” , here you can put the emails of the people who will be invited to the blog.

They will receive an email with the link to your blog, they just have to click it and they will be automatically redirected to it (they can also write the link or address in the search bar).

If you regret an invitation, you will see a list of guests appear, there you can press the ” Delete ” button to remove whoever you want.

And ready with that last one you know how to hide or private a Blog in Blogger effectively , if you do all the steps well you should not have any problem when creating a private project. So go and enjoy your new knowledge to unleash the imagination that abounds in you.

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