How to Hide and Show Icons on Windows Desktop

Next, we are going to see how to hide and show icons on the Windows desktop easily and quickly. In this way you will be able to have the entire desktop of your PC clean.

Surely with the passage of time and the use of your computer, you find that you have too many icons on your desktop. From icons of programs, apps, games, folders, various files, etc.

Without a doubt, this ends up becoming chaos. Is the solution to delete everything? Sometimes we can’t or don’t want to. What can we do to keep a tidy desk? We just hide all the icons.

Windows has a native option to be able to hide and show them whenever we want. However, this option does not comply with anything more than that, it falls short and basic. For some people that may be more than enough.

However, we are also going to recommend a totally free program that has much more interesting options when it comes to hiding all the icons on your computer’s desktop.

How to hide icons on the Windows desktop

The same operating system has the option to show or hide the icons in a very simple way which we will see below:

  • The first thing you will do is right click on the Windows desktop, somewhere empty without any kind of icon.
  • After this we are going to go to the ” View ” option .
  • Next, we will have to choose ” Hide desktop icons ” and in case we want to show them, the option will be the same only if the text will change slightly to: ” Show desktop icons “.
  • In this way with the same Windows options you can hide or show all the desktop icons without any kind of problem.

Hide or show desktop icons with AutoHideDestopIcons

Obviously the Windows options on many occasions can help us to get out of trouble. However, they don’t have the same amount of features as third-party apps that focus on certain things like hiding icons.

For this we have the AutoHideDestopIcons app which is totally free, weighs nothing and is portable. Therefore, you will not have to install anything and you can make the modifications you want with its functions which are quite interesting.

The interesting option that this app proposes is to hide the icons after a few seconds. This means that we can set up to 100 seconds for the icons to be hidden, until we perform an action to make them appear again.

How would this be? Let’s pretend that you configure the program so that the icons disappear every 20 seconds . But, if you choose that, when you press right click or the mouse wheel on the desktop, these icons appear, they will.

In this way, after 20 seconds, the icons will disappear again. This is something extremely positive, since you should not be constantly showing and hiding them. AutoHideDestopIcons also has the ability to hide the taskbar . So that in this way you have the entire screen clean of any kind of interface to be able to enjoy it the way you want.

As you will notice the options that this totally free program offers us and above all light things, they are really interesting, much better than those that Windows offers us and in this way we should not be constantly activating and deactivating this option.

We hope this tutorial was useful to you. Remember that if you have any questions about how to hide or show the icons on your desktop in Windows , you can leave it in the comments area which is a little further down.


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