How to heat up a room without a heater

Cold and draft make it difficult to live in comfort, because of them we often feel unwell. In order not to endure discomfort, here are 9 ways for you to heat a room without heating.

How to heat a room with improvised means if there is no heater

When the temperature outside the window is below comfortable, and the batteries are disconnected, we will warm ourselves with what we can. It is not necessary to turn on the convectors, they will significantly increase the electricity bill. We can do it without them!

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Insulation of windows and doors

Before heating the room, you need to make sure that the heated air does not leave it. To do this, check the thermal insulation of windows and doors. Those places where the “blizzard is ringing” must be glued with tape or sealant to reduce air circulation.

If there are no platbands on the doors, install it. They serve as an additional barrier against cold. On the windows, special attention is paid to the slopes – old plastic ones can deform over time and go into microcracks, through which coolness enters. They should be replaced or glued with sealant. This will help fix the problem temporarily. In the summer, you should do the restoration of doorways and window slopes.

Examine the doors inside the room. They must close tightly. Then the coolness will not have a chance to burst into the room from the outside.

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“Kitchen” methods

It is enough to start cooking, using as many kitchen utensils as possible, and the room will become noticeably warmer.

The refrigerator gives, albeit weak, but constant warmth. And the colder it is inside the device, the more heat it produces outside. The same goes for freezers .

A gas stove gives a lot of heat . The main thing is to monitor the flame so that it does not go out or be transferred outside the burner. In other cases, like induction cookers, you will have to put a large pot of water on the “fire” . The boiling liquid gives off steam, which heats the room and humidifies, replacing the humidifier and air washer.

True, you run the risk of exceeding the humidity in the apartment, which will negatively affect your well-being. In this case, it is wise to use a dehumidifier with a built-in hygrometer. It automatically dries the air when the humidity exceeds the norm.

An electric oven and multicooker cook food by heating the air inside the appliance. And no matter how thermally insulating the case is, these devices still give off heat to the environment. Let the air in the kitchen warm up by 1-2 ° C, this is also the result.

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Natural warmth

The sun is a great source of heat. You can get the most out of it in the following ways:

  • Let in as much sun as possible

The rays pass through the glass and heat the surfaces from which they are reflected. The outer surface gives off its warmth to the room. In winter, maximum insolation (sun exposure) is critical, so do not block the rays with flowerpots and racks.

  • Hang thin translucent curtains

They will become an additional barrier from cold air, but at the same time they will let the sun’s rays into the room.

  • Buy curtains

Hang them up when the sun goes down. The dense fabric blocks the air flow even better, but at the same time it does not allow the light to “warm” the floor and other surfaces. So during the day, let it shine through the bare window, and at night the curtains will protect from the wind.

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We use electrical appliances

Energy is warmth. Every electrical appliance in operation releases it into the environment, even if the “warming” factor is not included in the original task.

Those who like to play or work hard in “heavy” programs noticed how a laptop or computer began to make noise. This is no accident – from such a load they heat up, and the cooling system removes heat outside. In such a simple way, you can warm up the air a meter or two from the PC.

Also, “in the battle for warmth and cleanliness” will help a vacuum cleaner . In most devices, warm air comes out from the back of the device during operation. This will warm up the room by 0.5-1.5 ° C.

Do not forget about the hairdryer as well . If it is powerful, it will serve as a short-term mini heater for some area of ​​the room. The main thing is not to put it on the fabric – this creates a fire hazard. At night, before going to bed, it can be used to heat the bedding. This is done like this:

  1. Turn on the hair dryer at maximum power and drive it at a distance of 10-15 cm from the fabric.
  2. After 3-5 minutes, the bed will become quite warm and comfortable for a night stay in it.

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Thermal insulation of surfaces

While it is recommended to hide thick textiles in summer, in winter it becomes a great way to make a room warmer without a heater.

Thin satin and chiffon do not retain heat – it is worth leaving the bedroom for 5-10 minutes, as bedding made of these materials immediately becomes cool. But knitwear, terry fabrics and other dense textiles keep the “invigorating warmth” longer.

In winter, you should use the properties of such fabrics to the maximum – lay the carpet on the floor, cover the bed with a warm blanket or blanket, throw several pillows on the sofa and armchair and cover with bedspreads. Textiles will store heat in themselves and gradually release it into the environment. A “naked” room without textiles cools down in 1-2 hours, a “dressed” room keeps warm for 3-5 hours. The difference is solid!

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Keeping warm in a cold room: other effective ways

In order not to feel cold, you need to use the heat of your body wisely. It is not necessary to pull on 3-5 layers of clothing. It is enough to put on thermal underwear – then you can walk around the house in only pants and a shirt.

The old-fashioned method – a heating pad – also helps. Pour hot water (but not boiling water) in there, close tightly and lay on the bed. Within 5 minutes the bed will be at a comfortable temperature. If there is no heating pad or Esmarch mug at home, plastic bottles will help to quickly warm the bed. They are filled with warm water (up to 60-70 ° C) and placed on the bed.

Try to warm up from the inside – drink warm tea or coffee. Alcoholic drinks, although they create the illusion of warmth, have a short-term effect due to the dilating blood vessels. Once they return to their original state, it will get even colder. So it is better to drink tea and eat hot, hearty food.

How to warm an apartment without a heater: “global” methods

Forewarned is forearmed! This also applies to the fight against the cold.
Acting comprehensively – ahead of the curve – you can achieve a comfortable temperature at any time of the year. The methods described below will help you cope with the cold and will be a salvation in the heat. They operate all year round.

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Thermal insulation of external walls of the room

Quite an expensive service, but comfort and savings on heating will pay off in 2-3 years. For this, foam or mineral wool is suitable. The maximum effect will be only when the house is insulated comprehensively.

Even if one apartment was spent on mineral wool, the walls on the sides of it are still cool. The cold enters the room through the neighbors’ non-insulated apartments. If you want to get the maximum effect, it is advisable to cooperate with a block with at least 3-5 apartments. Then the warmth is more noticeable.

The room should be insulated from the outside – so the moisture will evaporate naturally. If the panels are installed inside the apartment, condensation will form in the living area. Getting rid of mold and mildew will become more difficult.

Replacing windows

Windows are a guide to the outside world. And if they have “seen life”, through them comes the refreshing air from the street, even when you don’t want to.

Good windows have minimal heat loss and excellent sound insulation. Cool air and ambient sounds will only come in when the sash is opened. Old ones (over 10-15 years old) gradually lose their insulating properties.

Replacing a window is a radical, but effective way to restore an optimal indoor climate. This makes it easy to raise the room temperature by 5-7 degrees.

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Thermal insulation of the balcony

When insulating a balcony, you need to take into account the architectural environment where the apartment is located. If it is located in a house with glazed facades, you can “pack” a balcony in glass.

But those who live in historic houses or new buildings, where glazing is impossible, need a different approach to heating. Replacing balcony doors with the installation of platbands, which will become an additional barrier from the cold, and insulation of the balcony walls with insulation will help.

Warm floor

This is a great way to warm up a room if there is no central heating yet. Underfloor heating can be water (depending on the heating system) and electric (can be turned on at any time). Unlike a radiator and convectors, here the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room.

When deciding on the installation of a warm floor, you need to take into account that such a system “eats up” 3-5 cm of the height of the room. And if in new buildings with ceilings of 2.7-3 m this is not perceptible, in small apartments with a height of 2.3-2.5 m these few centimeters can be critical.

It is also advisable for owners of warm floors to fork out for washing the air – ascending streams of heat raise dust to a height of 25-45 cm from the floor level. And this will be noticeable for those who decide to lie down to rest on a sofa or bed – dust gets into the nose, which can cause sneezing attacks in the most sensitive.

An air purifier collects dust in a “water” trap and nails it to the ground. All that remains is to mop it up at the end of the day.

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Precautions and what to avoid

Many people write about fast heating of the room, but not all methods are safe. The table contains “bad advice” on how NOT to warm a room without a heater and why it is better not to listen to them:

What NOT to do Cause
Cover working appliances with a cloth The heat has nowhere to go, it heats up the fabric and it ignites
Install devices in places where the outflow of hot air is blocked – in narrow niches, inside furniture and under shelves It is fraught with fire, even if all devices are metal.
Connect powerful appliances if the house has old wiring It will not withstand the load, which will lead to a short circuit.
Shut off ventilation completely Fresh air should get into the room – even from the next room or window on “winter ventilation”.
Otherwise, there will be too little oxygen (O2) and a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the room – the heating burns the first, and the person exhales the second. This can lead to health problems – cough, dry throat, blood pressure problems, heart problems, etc.
Leave a cooking zone or oven unattended The hotplate may go out. If you don’t light a fire, the room will quickly fill with gas.
Working with induction hobs is less dangerous, but also risky. A pot of water left unattended can quickly boil away, and the stove will continue to heat the container. It could lead to fire.
Heat the room with candles Alone, they will not give much heat, but they increase the fire hazard.
Heat the apartment with a bathtub (draw 70 liters of hot water and leave the room open) This will quickly warm up the bathroom and help steam things out, but it won’t help raising the temperature in the apartment. This way of warming up hurts the family budget.

Thanks to the tips described above, it will become warmer and more comfortable even when it is cold outside and the batteries for some reason do not work. Keep warm and don’t thank!


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