How to have WhatsApp without internet

We all know that the WhatsApp application revolves around the internet connection, however, it is possible to use WhatsApp without credit, data or WiFi , although this limits its functions. WhatsApp’s dependence on the internet is one of the disadvantages of this application.

In this article we will explain how you can use WhatsApp without balance, data or WiFi and you will find how to solve other disadvantages of the WhatsApp application.

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  1. How to download WhatsApp on a mobile device and on a computer?
  2. How to send multimedia files by WhatsApp without losing quality?
  3. Is it possible to use WhatsApp without credit, data or WiFi?
  4. What should I keep in mind before being able to use WhatsApp without internet?
  5. How a VPN works to have the benefits of WhatsApp offline
  6. What applications allow me to get WhatsApp without a balance?
    1. FreedomPop
    2. Vodafone

How to download WhatsApp on a mobile device and on a computer?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform that can be downloaded and installed on devices with the Android operating system and devices with the iOS operating system, it is also possible to download the application on a computer and run from there in the same way as in the mobile devices.

To download the WhatsApp application it is necessary to have a phone number that is not currently registered in a WhatsApp account, since through this you will receive a verification code that will immediately activate the account.

To download WhatsApp on a mobile device, we only have to enter its application library , regardless of the operating system it has, search for the application, download it and install it. This usually does not ask for any special requirements, just the phone number.

On the other hand, to use WhatsApp from a PC we can do it in two ways. Through WhatsApp web , which is an extension for the PC of the WhatsApp application. We can access this through the official WhatsApp web page that will immediately ask to scan the QR code through the WhatsApp application on our mobile.

In this way we can use our existing WhatsApp account, which will be displayed exactly the same as the one we have on our mobile. We can also download the original application and register a new phone number to make it a different account than the one we already have on our mobile.

We can achieve this by downloading the original application from the official WhatsApp download page , very similar to the procedure we carry out from our mobile.

How to send multimedia files by WhatsApp without losing quality?

If you use WhatsApp frequently to send multimedia files, you have surely noticed that the videos and images lose their quality a little when they are sent. Even those that we take directly from the WhatsApp camera, since it automatically optimizes the videos and images it captures.

To change this, no complex actions are required or outside of this application, however its size increases compared to the files sent in the usual way, this depends on the original properties of the file to be sent, such as its dimensions and its color.

To do this, we must access the WhatsApp conversation to which we want to send the image or video, click on the ” clip ” icon that refers to the option to attach a document, from there we can select the video or image that we want and send it.

In this way, it will be sent in its original format and without losing the quality of the file so that the receiver of it can appreciate the same as the sender appreciates.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp without credit, data or WiFi?

It is certainly possible to use WhatsApp without credit, data or WiFi, since the application is already downloaded and installed on the mobile, however it is limited in terms of its functions. This is because most functions require an internet connection.

An example of the functions that we cannot perform without an internet connection is sending or receiving instant messages, voice or video calls, downloading multimedia files, downloading WhatsApp statuses , or viewing those of our contacts who do not have been downloaded.

With all this as a disadvantage due to the lack of internet connection, what we could do in WhatsApp would be to write messages so that they are sent automatically when we have an internet connection, view the statuses of our contacts that have already loaded and select the ones multimedia files that we want to be sent automatically when we have internet.

As we can see, the internet connection for the correct functioning of the WhatsApp Messenger application is totally necessary . However, we can continue to open this, view and listen to the multimedia files that have already been downloaded previously.

What should I keep in mind before being able to use WhatsApp without internet?

WhatsApp is a social network that never ceases to amaze and this to keep users glued to its platform. In this sense, there are some tricks that if you know and apply them, you will be able to use this direct messaging App without internet . If how you read it and if you do not believe it, continue reading this interesting article so that you find out.

For different reasons we can run out of data or be in an area that does not have network coverage. Therefore, it would be very convenient and practical to be able to send a message through the social network under these conditions. Although it is possible to use WhatsApp without internet, it is necessary that you bear in mind that it is only available to users who use the beta version .

This is the only way you can use WhatsApp without a network connection and is by subscribing to this beta version. For Android users you can apply by entering the Play Store and entering WhatsApp go to the bottom of the page. There you will be able to get the option to apply to use the beta version .

But at the moment there are no vacancies available, but it is expected that a new opening will be made soon to accept new users . The same is true for iPhone users who specifically use TestFlight. From there they can make use of the beta version, but there are currently no vacancies available.

How a VPN works to have the benefits of WhatsApp offline

In the event that you are one of the unfortunate users who could not enroll in the beta version of WhatsApp to be able to use it without an internet connection. We have some nice news for you and that is that it is possible to make the connection but through a VPN . Yes, this is an application that will allow you to connect to the network without having WiFi, a data plan or your credit is zero.

It is very easy to use and you only have to perform a simple configuration on your mobile device so that you can enjoy WhatsApp without any type of connection . The only disadvantage that we can see when using the VPN to connect. Is that the speed can be a bit slow or vary depending on the geographical area where we are.

To use this application it is necessary to download and install Yoga VPN , but first we must do a configuration on the mobile. To do this we will enter the phone settings, then click on the ‘More’ option. Then select ‘Mobile networks’. Then choose ‘Name of access points / APN’ and here you will make sure that your mobile operator is selected correctly.

The next step is to enter the Google virtual store and download Yoga VPN, after this step you must go to the settings of your mobile. And deactivate the WiFi connection and then activate your data connection, but remember that you must not have a balance . Now enter the App that you just downloaded and click on the ‘Quick Start’ option.

The next step will be to select WhatsApp and now you must wait for the connection to be made. Upon successful connection to the App, an icon in the shape of a key will appear in the notification bar. The following message ‘ Connected Successfully ‘ will also be displayed , so you can now start sending messages from WhatsApp.

What applications allow me to get WhatsApp without a balance?

Due to the popularity that WhatsApp currently has and that it is now possible to use it without having a balance. A large number of very good applications have proliferated that you can use if at any time you want to use direct messaging if you do not have a WiFi network . Or you have simply run out of data and have no balance.

Therefore, if you download any of these tools, you will be able to send messages via WhatsApp without having a network connection. In this way we would not have to worry more if and only in having any of the App available on the market . Here we will offer you a brief description that in our opinion are the ones that can offer you the best benefits.


This is a mobile virtual operator with which you can use WhatsApp for free and without having a balance. This company began its operations in the United States, its country of origin and has now reached Europe. In order to use the benefits offered by FreedomPop, you only need to register on its main page and request your SIM card .

The next step to use the service is to download the App to your smart device, which is available for users who use Android or iOS . This option is simply incredible, since it offers you the service completely free. Therefore, you cannot miss this opportunity and forget forever about having a balance to send messages through WhatsApp.


This is another telecommunications company that has recently offered its users an unlimited MB offer, when using the main social networks . And in this case WhatsApp is included, therefore you will be able to send voice notes, messages, videos, photos, Stickers without any restrictions.

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