How to have the Mickey Mouse clock on your iPhone

With the advent of widgets on iOS, users immediately had the ability to customize their iPhone in many ways. In fact, in addition to having several important features, widgets are also fundamental as regards the aesthetic aspect .

For this reason, the developers of the applications dedicated to widgets are working to offer many elements of customization to users, in order to satisfy their creative side. In this guide, we at ChimeraRevo will show you how you can get the Mickey Mouse clock on your iPhone .

How to use iOS 14 widgets on iPhone

How to get the Mickey Mouse watch on iPhone

To get the Mickey Mouse clock on your iPhone, you will have to use a dedicated application, or Widgy , which offers various widgets of all kinds.

  • Download Widgy from the App Store
  • Wait for the application to install , then open it
  • On the initial screen, select the English language (Italian, unfortunately, is not available)
  • On the next screen, select Italian (it)
  • Following the configuration, select the Metric option , then on Celsius
  • Continue by selecting Monday as the first day of the week
  • Then, follow the instructions shown on the screen

At this point, you have finished the setup and are ready to set the Mickey Mouse clock on your iPhone.

  • Within the main screen, tap on Explore , located in the bottom bar
  • Scroll through the screen until you find Mickey Mouse’s clock in the Latest Widgys section
  • Then select the widget of your interest and click on it
  • Next, click on Import
  • At this point, go back to the main screen and press on Manage , again from the bar at the bottom
  • On the next screen, in the Small Widgy Slots section , click on the first box
  • Then select the Mickey Mouse clock
  • From your iPhone Home screen , tap and hold anywhere on the screen
  • Then press the + icon located at the top left
  • Scroll down, then tap on Widgy
  • Select the first quadrant and click on Add widget

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