How to have the iPod Music Quiz on iPhone

Did you have an iPod? In that case, you may want to have the iPod Music Quiz on iPhone . In the following tutorial we will tell you a trick to get this classic game that was a real wonder, because it played songs from your library and you had to guess which one it was. Do not miss it!

IPod Music Quiz on iPhone

Whether you have played this game before or not, it is a good time for you to try it because you are going to love it. And the thing is, sometimes simple classic games are the ones we like the most, because we were almost entertained and had a good time.

That is why we have to tell you about this Music Quiz . An iPad game but that we have in the third beta of iOS 14 , so that those who update can enjoy it. What a surprise the bitten apple has brought us this time!

Obviously, we have many improvements in this third beta of iOS 14, in the form of shortcuts, but this game is a great joy for the nostalgic and for music lovers too, of course.

We have a specific Music Quiz app as a shortcut , to launch whenever you want to play guessing songs. The interface is as you can see in the previous image, very intuitive, so you can play whenever you want or launch another shortcut.

Also, if you don’t know how to play nothing happens, because it shows the instructions and you have to indicate which one is on the list. You have 5 rounds .

A free, fun, simple game that has been missed since it was seen on the iPod a few years ago. How nice that you have returned!

How about? Are you going to enjoy it? I already anticipate that guessing the songs is not as easy as it seems, especially if you have an extensive library.


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