How to have the best browser on my Android

v Downloading a good browser can make a huge difference when working either on PC or on your mobile phone. However, when installing a browser on your cell phone, this becomes even more relevant, since certain features are required for them to work fully.

One of the first things that you should take into account is that a browser is not the same as a search engine , while the first is the one that takes you to, worth the redundancy, surf the internet, such as Google Chrome, Safari , Opera , among others.

The second serves as a “search engine” so that you can get the information you need on the web. Although there are several search engines, these do not have to be downloaded, unlike browsers.

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  1. How to install a lightweight browser on my Android?
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  3. How to choose the best browser for my Android?
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  4. What problems does using a lightweight browser have on my Android?
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How to install a lightweight browser on my Android?

There are different ways to install a browser, on some web pages you can download the most recent version of any of them. However, assuming that you do not have a browser beforehand, to download it on your Android phone, it would be necessary to enter the PlayStore.

In this, when searching for “browsers” a huge variety of options will appear, the important thing here is to know which one is best to install according to your expectations and type of phone.

Another possibility is, assuming you already have a default browser on your phone, such as Google Chrome, another browser to install. The Play Store is more reliable, but on the internet you can find many others.

What are the features of light and fast browsers for Android?

If what you are looking for is a browser that is fast and does not weigh too much, you should take into account the following factors:

  • The speed will depend on the number of add-ons they have and their optimization as an application. Thanks to this, there will be some that are more fluid than others.
  • To be lightweight, it must take up little space on the internal storage, especially if we are going to install them on devices with less than 32 GB of memory.
  • The intuitive interface helps, because being simpler to use, with identifiable accesses, we are faster to use it, even with just one hand.

How to choose the best browser for my Android?

Although the above characteristics are essential, there are other things that we can take into account to find our ideal browser. That includes dark mode, for example, is something highly sought after today.

It is important that it allows the use of various search engines other than Google , that it is easy to synchronize with the PC and other devices, and that it has excellent privacy and security of passwords and personal data, because nobody likes browsers that access things like location without permission .

Web browsers for Android

The most recommended in the user lists are the big Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Brave . These have excellent features in terms of privacy, security, modernity and interface.

Although they are excellent recommendations, below we show you two other browsers that, if you are looking for speed, efficiency and lightness, you will surely love them.

Simple Browser

Simple Browser for Android is a free alternative, and the lightest browser you can find , weighs only 1.4 MB and allows you to browse the Internet just as well as other browsers.

Opera Touch

One of the most recent updates to Opera is Opera Touch, a derivative browser that thanks to the recent technology known as “Flow”, allows you to instantly send content from the browser to your computer or any other device with Opera installed.

It is free and its users claim that it is incredibly fast to work , comes in 44 languages ​​and only weighs 11 MB. Excellent alternative.

What problems does using a lightweight browser have on my Android?

If dealing with pop-ups seems annoying to you , you probably wo n’t like these other lightweight browser problems. They do not usually appear, but they are some of the inconveniences that they can bring.


Some browsers do not have the option of “incognito” mode or allow you to delete the history. Some time ago, Google Chrome had a problem with not having the option to clear the history.


Many browsers start to crash and slow down the phone when too many tabs are kept open. Although they are fast browsers, they do not have this ability.


Some browsers do not have the option of bookmarks or “favorites” among their features, as Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox might have.

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