How to have or install two identical applications on Android? – Fast and easy

If you want to use the same application twice on your Android mobile device, you must read the following tutorial in which we will talk about How to have or install two identical applications on Android? – Easy and Fast .

Can two identical applications be installed on Android?

Although it is possible to have two Facebook accounts on the PC , to consider an example, we could say that it is impossible to install the same application twice on Android, since if you try to do it, the system will not allow it. For this reason, it will be necessary to use other tools that can fulfill this purpose.

In this case, you must use an App that is capable of cloning that application that we want to have twice. There are many applications capable of performing this function on Android, in any case it is best to use those that stand out from the rest, that is why we recommend you read the following information that we have prepared for you.

How to have or install two identical applications on Android? – Fast and easy

Having the same application twice can be very useful, for example it will allow you to have two accounts of those applications that only allow you to use one at the same time. In this sense, you could easily use two WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook accounts . For this and many other reasons, we recommend using applications designed for this, such as Parallel Space .

Parallel Space

Parallel Space is possibly the most recognized application for cloning applications and there are many reasons for this, since the application performs splendidly in most circumstances. Without a doubt, it is one of the first alternatives that we recommend in the event that you want to use two of the same applications.

The name of the application is not in vain, as it precisely describes a space or place within your phone, in which all the copies of the applications you want to make will be located. In addition to this, the advantages that the application provides are numerous.

Applications that you duplicate using Parallel Space will run at the same speed as the original applications. In any case, you can have them configured in a completely different way, which is why it is very useful to have several accounts of different Apps.

Read the following information to learn the process of downloading and using the Parallel Space application, something that will definitely come in handy in many situations.

Set up and download Parallel Space

  1. The Parallel Space application can be downloaded directly from the Google application store, that is, the Play Store . Once there, just locate it, you can easily recognize it because it has a P-shaped icon with yellow, blue and red colors. Remember to update Google Play Store to make it work optimally.
  2. Once you have completely downloaded the application, launch it. When performing this process, the system will ask you to enter those applications that you want to duplicate. Therefore, you must select these Apps.
  3. After doing the above, Parallel Space will begin the duplication process , after which you will be able to use all those duplicated applications.

Advantages and disadvantages of Parallel Space

Parallel Space is a very prominent application in terms of cloning other Apps , without a doubt it is one of the first that come to mind for this purpose. Either way, you should take into account what Parallel Space offers and here we will discuss its main advantages and disadvantages.

From the point of view of the advantages, it should be noted that the application works very efficiently and is quite easy to use, so anyone can use them without major inconveniences. In addition, it has compatibility with many applications on the market.

In any case, as a main disadvantage, it should be noted that from time to time you will run into the odd application, which will not work with Parallel Space . This is not common, but it is something to keep in mind to avoid future discomfort.


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