How to have “iOS 15 style” widgets now on your iPhone

We do not know for sure if Apple is going to change the widgets in iOS 15 , but if it did it would be great if it gave new options like the ones we have seen in various concepts . And now you can have these cool widgets on your iPhone.

Do you want to have iOS 15 style widgets?

On more than one occasion we have told you about the Widgy application, one of the best in the App Store for creating custom widgets. Thanks to this app and a widget created by TheDoctorXII , which he has shared on Reddit and that we have edited to add apps like WhatsApp , you can have this fantastic fully functional widget.

Thanks to Widgy we can have great widgets, such as an Apple Watch face or a Mickey Mouse watch on our iPhone, so it is one of those apps that you must have downloaded yes or yes.


The iOS 15 widgets on your iPhone

The widgets came to iOS 14 and they did it in style, however they can be improved and we will surely see news when iOS 15 arrives . If you like the widgets that we have seen in various concepts of iOS 15, now you can have these widgets on your iPhone and we are going to show you how.

Once you have downloaded the app, so that the widget has a transparent background . You simply have to upload a screenshot without icons of the wallpaper you are using. You can set for both light mode and dark mode. Follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the screen until the icons start to vibrate.
  • Swipe all the way to the right, until you see a screen with no icons.
  • Take a screenshot on the iPhone.
  • Now go to Widgy, click on Manage and tap on Set Transparent Backgroud.
  • Tap on Add Wallpaper and select the screenshot.

Do this to make the widget appear transparent

Once you have this configured, you can now download this interactive iOS 15-style widget:

  1. Open this article in Safari.
  2. Now copy this linkand paste it in a new tab: widgyURL: //
  3. When Widgy opens youwill see a preview of the widget.
  4. If you can’t download it, go to Widgy, tap on Create and Import Widgy. Scan the code belowto download it directly.
  5. Tap on the back arrow at the top left and you will see the widget in the “Imported Widgys” section.
  6. Now at the bottom, tap on Manage, scroll down to Large Widgy Slots and click on Large # 1 to add the downloaded widget.
  7. Select if you are going to place the widget in the upper or lower area of ​​the iPhone.

Get the iOS 15 widgets by scanning this code from Widgy

Now you just have to place the widget like any other. Hold down the main screen, click on the “+” at the top right, find Widgy and choose the Large # 1 widget and place it on the chosen site.

Finally, if you want everything to work correctly when clicking on each icon, you will have to download a series of shortcuts , there are not many and you will only have to import them, tap on each link and add these shortcuts:

  • Shortcut for the Settings icon to work: download .
  • Shortcut for the Weather icon to work: download .
  • Shortcut for Shazam to work: download .
  • Shortcut for the Play icon to work: download .
  • Shortcut for the skip song icon to work: download .
  • Shortcut for the icon to go to the previous song to work: download .

It may sound difficult, but it wo n’t take more than 5 minutes to get everything up and running . Thanks to Widgy we can have incredible widgets on our iPhone, like this one that simulates iOS 15.


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