How to have favorite contacts from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a wonderful application and also an excellent communication tool, which helps us to communicate with everyone we want, from work bosses, family and friends. But it is clear that as people and users we have some preferences as to who to communicate with first. That is what we want to talk about today, about how to place your favorite contacts on WhatsApp.

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  1. Where do frequently used contacts appear?
  2. How to have favorite contacts from WhatsApp?
    1. Creating shortcuts
    2. Customize contact notifications
  3. How to set favorite conversations on WhatsApp?
    1. With iOS device
    2. Desde tu Android
  4. What are the benefits of putting contacts as favorites?
    1. Quick access
    2. Ease of search

Where do frequently used contacts appear?

To look at and know where they appear and how many contacts we have in WhatsApp , we must enter the application, the WhatsApp algorithm recognizes which are the contacts you use most frequently , that is why when selecting ‘Chat’ all your contacts will appear, and when selecting ‘New chat’ will show you a list with your contacts that you use most frequently.

How to have favorite contacts from WhatsApp?

To be able to put your favorite contacts first, enter WhatsApp, if you set a chat , it will be placed at the top as one of your favorites, thus achieving that even if others write to us, this chat will remain first. To be able to set a chat, you must keep the conversation you want to set pressed , until the pin icon appears on the top bar, select it and you will see how this chat is set as the first one.

Creating shortcuts

You can also create shortcuts, you just have to open the chat that you want to create a shortcut for, press the three dots in the upper right corner. Touch the option that says ‘More’ choose the option that says ‘create shortcut’ and click OK, the contact and shortcut will appear on the home screen.

Customize contact notifications

Also, if you want you can customize the notifications of your favorite contact, in this way when a notification sounds you will know that it is that person, to do so, select the contact and with the chat open press on their name, then under sent files you ‘Personalize notifications’ will appear , check the box that says ‘Personalized notifications’ and you will be able to select the tone you want for that contact.

How to set favorite conversations on WhatsApp?

To set up a conversation the steps are very simple, but they can vary depending on what mobile device you have, although these variations are minimal, it is important that you take note of them so that you do not get confused when doing it, yes, you must have your Updated WhatsApp application.

With iOS device

If you have an Apple phone you can follow the following steps that you will see below, take note. First open WhatsApp and enter the chat option: in chat you must search for the conversation you want to set. Once you have selected the chat you want to pin, slide it to the right and touch the icon of the pin that will appear to you to be able to pin it.

From your Android

In Android it is also quite simple, since it is basically the same, but in another operating system. However, the options have the same name. Open WhatsApp and select the ‘chats’ tab in the main window, choose the chat you want to mark above (you can mark one or more) and confirm your action of setting the pin icon at the top.

What are the benefits of putting contacts as favorites?

You will see that choosing your favorite contacts will bring you several benefits that will make your life easier when using WhatsApp, not only will it be more comfortable when using the application , but you will also be able to answer, share and send to a chat of faster way .

Quick access

By having your favorite contacts in quick access, you will not even have the need to enter the WhatsApp application to search for them, since you will have them directly on your home screen, ready to chat from a distance with just one touch.

Ease of search

Also, all these options greatly facilitate the search, since when your favorite contacts are your parents, your partner or a friend, sometimes they get lost in the infinity of other chats , that is why using these options are more than recommended, Well, when setting, once you enter WhatsApp you will see your favorite contact first and when creating a shortcut, you just have to select it on the home screen.

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