How to hatch Pokémon GO Eggs

The famous Pokémon GO title which was developed by Niantic. It is an adventure and augmented reality video game based on the famous Pokémon title, it is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices, free of charge. This multiplayer title consists of the search and capture of various Pokémon which are strategically hidden in different parts of the real world, so this entails the task of moving in the real world to get them.

Because this video game requires its users to actually go through the streets and places around them to get and try to capture the Pokémon, this can become a bit of a tedious task, so players often look for a way to get Pokémon. move within the Pokémon Go map and hatch their eggs without moving from the place where they are. Next, you can learn how to do it.

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  1. What is needed to activate the synchro adventure in Pokémon GO and hatch eggs easily?
  2. What methods exist to add kilometers without leaving your place?
    1. shaking the phone
    2. With an external application
  3. What are the advantages of buying additional incubators?
  4. What are the types of eggs that exist in Pokémon and their rewards?

What is needed to activate the synchro adventure in Pokémon GO and hatch eggs easily?

You may be wondering what is adventure synchro? Well, this is a new function or mode which can be activated, thus allowing a record of the kilometers traveled by the player even without having the Pokémon Go App running. This allows you to stay active and continue getting candies, as well as being able to hatch your eggs more easily and without draining the battery of your mobile device.

This is how its developers describe this new feature through the official Pokémon GO support page. This tool is well received by game users, as this will allow them to remain active in the game and be able to advance in level without the need to have the device in use at all times. However, it is important to clarify that this function will not automatically capture the Pokémon, even so, it continues to be of great contribution in other aspects of the game.

To activate the adventure synchro in Pokémon Go, you only need to have Google Fit, this being a Google application for health. Once you have downloaded this App from the Play Store, you only have to log in, then open the Pokémon Go application and do the following: select the pokeball, enter the settings, click on adventure synchro (there it will ask you to access the Google Fit data ) . You just have to accept the permissions and you would already have the Adventure Sync function active on your device.

The synchroadventure not only offers the count of kilometers, but will also allow you to activate notifications and alerts in the application, to know when an egg is going to hatch and also when the Pokémon you have as a partner gets candy. Thus, you will be able to know when it is really necessary to open the game.

What methods exist to add kilometers without leaving your place?

In case you are a user of the popular virtual reality game Pokémon Go, you have probably stumbled upon the terrible reality that in order to hatch the eggs you find , it is necessary to have a long journey of a few kilometers through the area where you are. However, since this is such a tedious task, game users have found various ways to avoid moving from where they are.

Although it is necessary to travel a few kilometers to be able to hatch the eggs in Pokémon Go, now you will know a few methods that you may not have known, to be able to trick the game and thus obtain the same results without the need to move from the place where you are. Do you want to know how to do this? Below you can find out.

shaking the phone

Due to the difficulty for some users to walk a few kilometers to hatch their eggs in the Pokémon Go game, they have had to get by with various methods like this. This method to not have to move from the place where they are, is by shaking the phone with your hands . For this, it is only required to simulate a movement that is similar to that of a person walking, the mobile device must be held tightly and the whole arm must be used.

If you are a person with strength in your arms and energy to spare, this would be a great option to cover a few kilometers without moving. You just have to take your phone, access the Pokémon Go application and constantly move the phone with the help of your arm, taking it from back to front, thus simulating walking.

With an external application

There are various applications with which it is possible to gain an advantage within Pokémon Go, in this case we are talking about iAnyGo, an application whose main function is to allow you to modify the position in which the GPS is located . This has a special tab, which helps users hatch Pokémon Go eggs without the need to actually go through the maps.

What are the advantages of buying additional incubators?

In the event that your goal is to be able to hatch more Pokémon without the need to move from one place to another, which is most likely. It is best to get a few extra incubators. These are available in various presentations and have the advantage of being able to hatch more eggs, adding the new movement techniques learned this will be even more productive. These can be acquired through pokemonedas , which are the official currency of the game.

What are the types of eggs that exist in Pokémon and their rewards?

The eggs that exist within the Pokémon Go game bring different Pokémon as a reward. These eggs can be found in different ways such as: at pokestops, thanks to friends who can send them to you as a gift and also by defeating the members of the Rocket team.

These eggs are classified by the number of kilometers traveled , so there are 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km and 12km eggs. In these you can find different types of Pokémon, the last ones being the most difficult.


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