How to Grab or Catch Blocks in Amazon Flex for Deal

The Amazon company is very popular and known around the world for its wide variety in the area of ​​commerce. Amazon due to its great demand for shipping and package delivery, it was necessary to create the Amazon Flex franchise . But what are these blocks and how can you catch blocks in Amazon Flex? Find out the answer here.

How to Grab or Catch Blocks on Amazon Flex to Hand Out

Amazon Flex

The Amazon company, as we mentioned earlier, specializes in the area of ​​buying and selling products and online. So, despite all this and its popular popularity around the world, the amount of people who use and buy from Amazon is incredible.

This translates to increased shipping and delivery of packages. Which, in turn, generates a long waiting time for the customer to receive their purchase. It is for this reason that Amazon has turned to person-to-person package delivery .

Amazon created what is known as Amazon Flex, how does it work? Basically it is that your purchase can be delivered to your door by another person to whom Amazon pays to deliver your package.

Amazon developed this application so you can earn money by delivering packages. The same application creates a map where you will see the delivery route and the packages that you will have to take. Easy and fast you can work for this company with just your mobile device.

Having this general knowledge of what Amazon Flex is and what it is for. The following question arises : What are Amazon Flex forests and how do I grab them? Let’s see the easy answer below.

Amazon Flex Block

This application allows the user to make personal deliveries in order to obtain payment for the service. Now, if you have a job, but you want to generate an extra income, that is where Amazon Flex offers its blocks.

The Amazon Flex blocks allow you to choose the hours that you can provide the personalized delivery service . Let’s take an example: if you have a 12-hour job, but on Friday they reduce your workday to 8 hours. You can tell Amazon how many hours you can work for them.

This is where the Amazon Flex blocks come into play. You can generally choose a minimum 2 hour block to work on Amazon delivery. Depending on the hours you choose in the block, the packages vary from 3 to 10 and even if there are no blocks available there is a solution .

Using the Amazon Flex application allows you to scan the packages and then create a map with the delivery route for you to move around the city, so you can organize yourself to know where to start.

Grab Amazon Flex Blocks

An important fact to keep in mind is that Amazon Flex releases the blocks in different ways, what do we mean? That the blocks vary from the city or country where we are, personal disposition that includes the selected schedule and the type of vehicle used.

Because of this, we must be aware of these variables in order to grab a block the moment Amazon Flex releases it. But there is another problem and that is that sometimes in the city where we are, we are not the only ones using Amazon Flex.

This is where secondary applications come into play. Before explaining the function of a secondary application called Flex Utility, we must note that by using secondary applications, you run the risk of Amazon blocking your account.

However, this happens when we use automated applications. In the case of Flex Utility, it is a tool that allows you to capture the blocks in Amazon Flex , using buttons to refresh the page and react quickly when the block is available.

As we see in this article, Amazon offers enormous advantages to get extra money. So if you want to offer to make Amazon deliveries, feel free to use the Amazon Flex app. And so you can catch blocks in Amazon Flex and have many benefits.

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