How To Go Through Walls In Roblox – Amazing Trick

You are a player, and you like to take advantage of the game to its full capacity, looking for new ” secrets ” or “tricks” also known as bug and glitch .

In this opportunity, we will teach you to discover for yourself the advantages that you can obtain as a player when using a bug or glitch during a game.

How to Go Through Walls in Roblox – Amazing Trick

In order to be able to have the advantage, before other online players more quickly and without being in danger, in order to take an object, item these are tricks that you are going to love.

What does a bug and glitch mean in video games?

The bug is known as a flaw in the video game’s programming , which affects and causes performance problems when starting a game. These failures are diverse, depending on the reason that triggers it and on other occasions, this generates errors when starting the game or even as you progress through the game.

In turn, this is also known as “bugging” when a player generates flaws in the game code with the aim of: overcoming an obstacle, jumping stages or being ahead of other players.

Bearing this in mind, you should know that it is a “glitch” it is simply a video game error that will not cause problems in gameplay and dynamism during an online game with friends or alone.

These glitch can be used to discover secrets placed by the developers in hidden areas, outside the map that can allow you to unlock hidden objects or a wink for the players.

Trick to penetrate walls in Roblox

Now, now you will learn how to do this easy and useful trick during your Roblox games whereby, you are going to perform several continuous steps to get the trick of going through the walls. We are going to show you step by step what you should be equipped and where you will go to start this bug cleanly without activating the hack.

We are going to go to the official Roblox page and within your account, go to the option “Promoted add-ons on Roblox”. On the left of the screen, see various options and select with one click “Body parts” now we go to “Packages” with another click, we will enter visualize various clothes for your avatar.

Now look for the suit that bears this name “Knights of Redcliff: Paladin” is completely free and everyone can use it. With this body in our avatar, start a new game in online or solo mode (depending on your preference).

Once the game has started, you will go to the criminal base or the weapons store because you will need a specific weapon and this is the Shotgun, so you can activate the trick.

You can activate it with other weapons (like the pistol) but the probability percentage is higher when you use the shotgun. To do this, go in a car to the warehouse and you will equip yourself with the shotgun and the pistol.

Equipped with weapons, the first thing you are going to do is go to the jewelry store to steal it , to get all the money and it is here where we will activate the bug or glitch.

Approach the wall in front of the ramp, with the armor on and the shotgun; Then look up observing in the first person and all we will do is take out and put away the shotgun repeatedly, you will see how you will go through the wall quickly, this is how you get rid of the police and take all the jewelry loot with you.

This trick is also useful to rob the bank, since getting the access card is complicated because you have to charge a lot of policemen. Use your car and go to the bank , you do the same process, looking up in the first person and repeatedly take out the shotgun, placing yourself on one side of the bank wall and you can pass the wall.

Do not despair if the first few times you do not succeed, continue repeatedly until you activate it successfully. This trick can be used according to your imagination and the situation you find in which you can apply it, everything is a matter of a little practice and you will get it


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