How To Go Live on instagram on Pc

How To Go Live on instagram on Pc.After seeing how you can go live on Facebook using your PC, it is time to go live on Instagram via your PC.Let’s find out how in this article!The procedure is very simple: just use a software, called OBS Studio , which will make your PC a real video director.The software is available for free for Windows, Mac or Linux and can be downloaded from the link below.

live on Instagram

At the moment, live broadcasts on Instagram can only be done via smartphone.Unfortunately, outside the official application it is not possible to obtain the transmission key to be used with external software.With the methodology explained in this article, we will simulate the start of the live broadcast via smartphone, obtaining the unique transmission code that can be used on OBS Studio .The maximum length of an Instagram live is 60 minutes .

1.How To Go Live on instagram On Pc.

How To Go Live on instagram On Pc With The Help of OBS Software

As mentioned, at the moment it is not possible to do it directly from Instagram, but there are many programs (even free) , able to help you.One of these is OBS that you can download completely free from both Mac and Windows.At the moment OBS is one of the most used software to stream on Instagram from a PC , but also on other platforms: in fact, the peculiarity of this software is that it allows you to broadcast live on multiple platforms at the same time.

Here is what you need to do to broadcast your Instagram direct from pc:/How To Go Live on instagram on Pc

  • Download OBS For Free;
  • Proceed with the installation and open the Software;
  • Connect to this site and log in with your Instagram data (the site is super secure we have already tried it)
    Ps: remember not to close this page
  • Download this zip file on your PC (you will need it to set everything on OBS) ;
  • Go to OBS and click on “Profile” and “Import” (in the top bar) ;
  • Import the entire folder downloaded in the Previous Link;
  • Click again on Profile and the writing “Instagram” or “” should appear with the right proportions for the live;
  • Go back to the page where you logged into Instagram and copy the Server code “
  • Go back to OBS and open the Settings (bottom right), click on Live, set “Custom”, enter the Server you just copied and delete the live code.
  • Go back to the page and click on “Create New Broadcast”;
  • Copy the Stream Key and insert it in OBS inside the live broadcast code;

Now all you have to do is confirm and click on Start Live.

Once the site is opened, the following procedure must be followed:

They seem like many steps, but I assure you that they are super easy and you can create very special and interesting Instagram direct on OBS,.

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