How to get Wi-Fi and Mobile Data quick settings back in Android 12

With Android 12 has come a controversial change in the quick settings: instead of having the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data settings, there is a unified setting under the name Internet. According to Google, it is more intuitive , but if you are not too convinced you can bring back the old Wi-Fi and Data settings .

In the configuration of the quick settings of Android 12, those of Wi-Fi and Data do not appear anywhere, but apparently they are still internally in the system. It is possible to bring them back to life with ADB , without the need for root.

Returns Wi-Fi and Data setting to Android 12

According to Google, the new internet dashboard has its long-term benefits, but it certainly goes one step further when you want to turn off Wi-Fi to use data. If you’d rather keep it working the same as before, you may be able to bring back the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data quick settings .


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Surprisingly, doing this is fairly straightforward, as it involves a single ADB command line . You must therefore connect the mobile to a PC and connect to it through ADB . Then use the command (including the quotes). All the command does is add the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data settings to the bottom.adb shell settings put secure sysui_qs_tiles “$(settings get secure sysuiqstiles),wifi,cell”

If everything went well, you will see Wi-Fi and Mobile data appear at the end of your list of quick settings , which behave the same as always: you can easily activate or deactivate each setting, even with the mobile locked. With a long touch, the related settings section opens.

Once you have added them, you can move them wherever you want and use them in conjunction with the Internet. It is even possible to restore the default settings and the settings will still be available at the bottom, to be added.

Before (left) and after (right) executing the ADB command

This trick seems to work on some phones with Android 12, while on others the new settings quickly disappear by themselves , according to 9to5Google . However, applications can create their own quick settings for a long time, so it is sure that it will not take long for third-party alternatives to appear.


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