How to get water out of your ears

How to get water out of your ears.

A few days after swimming, your ears may still be full of water. The first step is to head to the sink and turn on some cold running tap water so it can drain out faster than if you let gravity do its job letting it flow naturally from inside your ear canal!

A common phenomenon when swimming in the sea or while bathing or showering. Usually the discomfort passes quickly but other times the water seems trapped in the ears. It can sometimes cause pain and complications such as inflammation.

The ear canal is a tube that passes through the outer ear and connects it to the skull. Water can get trapped in this area causing pain and discomfort if it is not released naturally or surgically removed quickly enough.
A buildup of fluid from an infection can create pressure on nearby nerves causing inflammation as well as other consequences such as severe hearing loss.

Here’s how to get the water out of your ears.

Methods for removing water from the ears

How to get water out of your ears

  • Relying on gravity

One way to get the water out of your ears is to bend your head so that your ear is parallel to the floor and apply pressure with your hand. Then release to let the water out.

There are two ways to remove water from the ears, and one way is to bend over so that the ear points towards the ground. You can also use a hand or even some paper towels, as long as they’re not too wet, as it’s easier if you don’t shake them first!

  • Yawn and chew

Yawning and chewing can also help. The movements linked to these actions in fact act on the middle ear. If necessary, try chewing on something crunchy.

To get the water out of the ears, it is recommended to chew something crunchy. This will cause pressure from the stomach and intestines and any other fluid trapped in those areas through peristalsis (a natural process).
Much more liquid should then seep into your mouth for a few minutes, so drink!

  • Phon

Another method is to use the hair dryer to help evaporate the water in the ear. Choose the lukewarm air option and don’t bring the hairdryer too close to your ear.

  • Lie on your side

Another method once again uses the force of gravity. Lie on your side with the problem ear facing the pillow.

How to get water out of your ears

How to get water out of your ears

  • Move your head

Move your head very slowly first on one side and then on the other, until the ear is parallel to the floor.

  • Steam

Inhaling steam is another useful trick. The steam will in fact help open the Eustachian tube. Just fill a pot with boiling water and breathe with a towel on your head.

  • Warm compress

Dip a small cloth in a bowl of hot water and wring it out. Then fold it up and rest it on your ear for 30 seconds. Remove it, wait a minute and repeat. Tilt your head to one side to let the water flow out.

  • Distilled water

If the ear water and earwax have formed a plug, heat some distilled water and with a dropper pour a small amount into the ear. It is very important to use a dropper to measure the right amount of product to use. It is not advisable to use too much product.

  • Olive oil

Just heat a small amount of olive oil, which you will take with a dropper. You will have to pour two or three drops into your ear and leave it on for ten minutes. This will help water flow out of your ears. We are talking about a method that will act satisfactorily especially if the other methods have failed.

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