how to get top comment on instagram

How to get top comment on instagram.Do you want to give visibility to a comment published under your post on Instagram? Find out how to put it on top with the pin icon.On Instagram it is now possible to pin a comment of a post at the top . Find out how to highlight a comment on a photo or video that you have posted on your Instagram profile.

After an initial test phase spotted in May 2020, the function that allows you to set a comment at the top has been made available to all users of the platform.

how to get top comment on instagram

Here are the simple steps you can take to put a comment at the top of the list among those published under your own post:

  1. With iOS swipeon the comment / with Android press and hold the comment
  2. As soon as the pin icon appears, click on it
  3. By clicking on the icon, the message will appear at the top of all comments.

You can set a maximum of 3 comments per post which will be displayed as main by anyone who clicks on the post.

This feature is very useful for highlighting particularly useful and / or important comments, especially if they have been published in posts commented by hundreds or thousands of users.

Why highlight a comment

There are many reasons why they could push you to give more evidence to a comment on your IG post, let’s see some of them:

  • you prefer to leave a more effective / poetic caption and then rely on a comment to further explain your post;
  • they are asking you the same question and you have decided to give a unique answer, highlighting it at the top of all comments;
  • you want to integrate the communication of your post;
  • you want to update what is stated in a post, without deleting it and / or without changing the description.
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