How to get there fast and get the crown effect in PUBG

The PUBG crown effect is a reward for players who reach the crown level. Here are the most important tips to get the crown in PUBG.

The crown level of PUBG is one of the highest ranks in this game battle royale. You need to put in a lot of effort and bag yourself some tips and tricks to reach the crown in PUBG. These are the most important tips to get the crown in PUBG and get the crown effect

The crown level is the third highest in PUBG, after Conqueror and Ace. You need to invest time and effort to reach this level and get many exclusive and attractive rewards. In PUBG mobile, players must reach the 3700 points to reach the trier Corona V and get the reward of the crown level. In PUBG Mobile Season 13, you will get a Season 13 Crown Name Tag. Additionally, Crown Tier rewards also include 1,300 Silver Shards, 3-Tier Protection Cards, and an Epic Gear Effect.

The level of the crown has five divisions , the V to I . Once you get 3700 points, you will reach crown V and your level will be registered. After playing 5 matches in this level, you will get all these rewards. But you can only unlock the PUBG name tag and crown effect when the new season starts.

The epic team effect is only active in the lobby in duo or team mode. It’s a cool thrill when a PUBG crown player shows up and turns around before being in the lobby. Once you reach crown level, you can use this effect in the following season.


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How to use the PUBG crown effect?

Epic’s crown effect will automatically activate when you hit the crown level in the previous season. Additionally, you can use the crown identifier from the previous season to show your level to other players. To equip the name tag in PUBG Mobile, go to the profile settings section by tapping on the avatar and choose Edit. Then go to the Name Tag section and choose the name tag for the crown player and choose to equip him.

But keep in mind that both the name tag and the crown effect are only live in the next season. Also, when you reach Ace level, you get the Legendary Ace effect. And if you reach the Conqueror level, the game rewards you with a Mythic gear effect. Level effects are only available at the crown level and above. So if you want to get at least one team effect to show off in the lobby, try to get to the crown, ace, or conqueror levels.

How to get to the level of the crown of PUBG?

Crown level is a high rank in PUBG, as mentioned above. In PUBG Mobile, you need to get 3700 rank points to reach this level and get PUBG’s crown effect. The rank point milestones you need to collect to reach each division at the crown levels are 3700 (Crown V), 3800 (Crown IV), 3900 (Crown III), 4000 (Crown II), and 4100 (Crown I) . Once 4,200 are reached, the Ace level is reached.


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