How To get the Zeraora License in Pokémon Unite

To celebrate the launch of Pokémon Unite, you can get Zeraora on Nintendo Switch for a short time. The monster is not in the store. We will tell you how you can get the new license as a free “Launch Bonus” in a minute and what the electric fighter can do.

From July 21 you can play Pokémon Unite in Germany. In case you’ve been wondering why your opponents dismantle you with the yellow Zeraora and how you can get the electric monster yourself, we have good news.

All players can get Zeraora for free and fast on Nintendo Switch. However, you don’t have to do this forever, as it is an event reward. But don’t worry, the 3 easy steps to the new Unite license don’t take a minute.

Time required: 1 minute.

This is how you get the Zeraora License in Pokémon Unite

  • Press “X” at the main menu

Are you on the Pokémon Unite home screen, where you can see your trainer and companion? Press the “X” key.

  • Check your email

Now a menu opens on the left, where you scroll almost all the way to “Mail”. Open the letter icon now.

  • Select Launch Bonus

Look for the “Launch Bonus” message in your emails. Click on the message with the gift box and “speak” (receive) the voucher. That’s it, you now have the exclusive Zeraora license of the event for Pokémon Unite.

  • Select Zeraora

Go back to the main menu, here you click on the Poké Ball at the bottom in the middle. If all went well, you can now see Zeraora and its status values ​​in your Unite licenses. You can view the moves here, train with Zeraora, or set the Pokémon as a favorite so that it is right next to you on the home screen.

How long do you have for this? You must log into Pokémon Unite before August 31, 2021 to receive Zeraora. The Monster event is a kind of welcome gift for the launch of the new MOBA.

  • Pokémon Unite will only be playable on Nintendo Switch until the end of 2021.
  • A smartphone version won’t arrive until the end of the year.
  • On Twitter, however, it is officially said that mobile device users will also have the opportunity to get Zeraora later, but there is no more detailed information yet.

How strong is Zeraora in Pokémon Unite?

What the fighter can do: Zeraora is a speedster, as such, he is very fast and can do a lot of damage in a short time. But you have to rely on your hand-to-hand combat (melee) and bridge the distance with the opponent or sneak quickly and surprisingly.

  • The attacks are available to you, with which you jump to the enemy (Dash). When you level up the jump even heals you, alternatively you can use the Dash to escape from heated situations.
  • As a second attack, you use your sharp claws and can activate combos or take down enemies.
  • As a strong Unified Movement, you use “Plasma Gale”. This puts an entire area under deadly electricity and gives you numerous bonuses to fire and attack in this field of electricity.
  • When taking damage, Zeraora passively accumulates stacks that increase her attack. Every third normal hit briefly paralyzes the opponent and returns health points to you.
  • The abilities and roles of all the fighters available for release can be found here on DLPrivateServer: All Playable Pokémon in Pokémon Unite and what role they have.

Zerora’s difficulty is given as “Expert”, making it one of the most difficult monsters to play in the game. Zeraora has very little stamina and is knocked out very quickly. how he knocks out others. However, if you train diligently with the mysterious Pokémon, you will cut through your enemies like butter and will always appear on the battlefield where enemies do not wait for you.

I immediately jumped on the new Pokémon Unite, and now my life belongs to the Switch

Have you already got the free Zeraora license and really beat your opponents? Tell us in the comments which fighter you are currently taking off with in Pokémon Unite or which monster you are currently missing so you can really have fun in MOBA.

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