How to get the surfboard in Temtem

The surfboard is a Temtem staple , as it allows you to go through the water and reach areas that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. How to get it can be a bit confusing, as it’s mentioned so early in the game, and you even get missions and quests that seem like you need it.

When you get to Bircal de Mar, a town on the game’s first island, you’ll find a shop called Luisouvenirs. You can get a map of the archipelago here if you show Luis a Temtem taken from the Prasine Coast. To get the map, catch any Temtem on the road to Brica de Mar. Although you can ask him questions on a surfboard, he tells you that he just sold the last one.

Getting a surfboard is a much more complicated process. First, you need to go to Arissola and find Sophia’s dojo there. Sophia is a character you meet in Brica de Mar; she is a friend of the professor. When you arrive at the Dojo, you will be told that Sophia is not there.

To find Sophia, you will need to go to Fort Windward, after the Gifted Bridges, where you will find Sophia trapped in a cell. When you find her, continue towards the fort, then head to the top where you will face Lady Lottie. Defeating her will give you the Key to the Wind, which will then open Sophia’s cell.

Now you can return to Arissola and fight Sophia at her Dojo. By beating her, you’ll finally get the surfboard, and now you can complete missions and tasks that require it, like the Missing Kids quest in Brica de Mar.

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