How to get the Scepter of Ager in Destiny 2

The full exotic quest for Ager’s scepter finally made its way into Season of the Lost’s Destiny 2. This may not last once the Witch Queen arrives, so if you want an easy way to get yourself this mighty Exotic Stasis Tracking Rifle, read below and be sure to complete this Exotic quest ASAP. Here are all the steps to follow to obtain the Scepter of Ager in Destiny 2.

How to get the Scepter of Ager in Destiny 2

Step 1. Start the search

First, get started with the Season of the Lost content by watching the opening scenes, visiting Awoken at HELM, and more. It is impossible to miss at least the beginning of the mission as long as you follow the introduction. story missions for Season of the Lost. You will be responsible for investigating Atlas Skews.

Step 2. Collect all the clues from the Atlas.

There are four main locations where you will need to collect Atlas Skews, five in each area. Below we have a guide for each location. Follow each guide for week 1 (assuming you start from the beginning, if not, click where you are) and you’ll skip that step and unlock the real exotic quest – a hollow coronation.

  • Week 1: Divalian Mists
  • Week 2: The Strand
  • Week 3: Rheasilvia
  • Week 4: La Confluence

Step 3. Pick up the Parralax path and kill with “rifle” in Astral Alignment

This step is pretty easy, if not a bit tedious. All you have to do is collect 100 Parralax Trajectory, which is an extremely easy task accomplished by simply finding some anchors in the ZED (or wherever anchors are currently present, then killing weapons in the astral alignment).

You can use any weapon whose name includes “Rifle.” Fusion and Automatic Rifles are probably your best option, just make sure you do it in Astral Alignment or it won’t count.

Step 4. Defeat the champions and get super kills.

Then you will stay in astral alignment and beat the champions and kill with your super. Again, very easy, just a little irritable. You should be able to complete this step quite easily just by doing 1-3 sets of Astral Alignment. Just make sure to equip your best super enemy.

Step 5. Gather Twigs of Nobility by completing Misfortune Attacks, Glassway, and Lake of Shadows.

This will take a bit of time but is not difficult to complete. You only need to complete each of the three movements once.

Don’t try to wait for them to show up on Strike’s playlist (unless you just want to delete your week and wait for them to show up. Instead, if you’re trying to quickly complete the exotic quest for Ager’s scepter, just queue straight from the director .

Step 6. Return to Mara and complete the Hollow Coronation with the Scepter of Ager.

Finally, all you have to do is return with Mara at the helm. report back, then queue up for the final version of the Hollow Coronation mission at the HELM. You will receive a version of Ager’s scepter that you can use to complete a fairly simple combat mission.

Complete the mission and you will receive the permanent version of Ager’s Scepter, a powerful stasis tracking rifle excellent for taking out groups of enemies with its stasis spread buffs. Enjoy!

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