How to get the Relaxer In Genshin Impact

We show you how to unlock the Kettlebell in Genshin Impact, how to increase your confidence rank and get adptic energy to get new decorations and more Intramora.

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  1. How to get the Relaxer?
  2. Customize the inner world, increase Confidence Rank and get Adptic Energy
  3. Accumulate Intramora and buy at the Teletienda
  4. Make decorations and get new plans

The Relaxer is a gadget that was added to Genshin Impact as part of update 1.5 for the first time and serves to enter an inner world in which players can build and decorate their own home . If you want to know all the details about this particular function, we will tell you in this entry of our complete guide how to obtain the Relaxer , unlock new decorations, raise the confidence rank and much more.

How to get the Relaxer?


Like so many other functions of Genshin Impact, the Relaxer is an artifact that players must first unlock in our game to be able to use its characteristics. It is not available from the beginning, but you must meet these requirements to be able to unlock it:

  • You must have reached Adventure Rank 35 or higher.
  • Must have completed Archon Quest – Chapter 1: Act III: A New Rising Star.
  • If you accomplish these two objectives, you will get the quest titled Teapot, Sweet Teapot.
  • After completing the Teapot, Sweet Teapot mission, you will get the Kettle Relaxeras a reward .

From that moment on, you will have the Relaxer forever among your gadgets in your inventory and you will be able to access it whenever you want.

Customize the inner world, increase Confidence Rank, and gain Adptic Energy

Inside the Relaxer there is what is known as an inner world , which is where players can unleash our imagination and create a small world with a home for our characters.

The first time you enter the inner world you will have to choose one of the 3 designs to condition the atmosphere of the place. After that you can start making and placing decorations as you like.

How to raise the confidence rank and get Adptic Energy

The first time you craft and obtain Inner World Decorations, you will unlock the Relaxer Trust Rank. To raise the confidence range from level 1 to level 10, what you have to do is create and get new decorations , which will give you total adptic energy (this energy is what increases your confidence level). As you can imagine, the more energy you accumulate, the more confidence you will have and the more this special rank will rise .

As you increase the confidence rank you will get rewards like Protogems and much more, as well as unlocking new abilities for the Relaxer such as the following:

  • Increased storage capacityto accumulate Intramora in the Magic Urn.
  • Unlocks of new areasof the inner world.
  • Increase in the maximum queue of creationof decoration objects.
  • New skinsunlocked for the inner world.
  • Transformationsof the teapot spirit.

Accumulate Intramora and buy at the Teletienda

As we have been explaining to you, as you have more decorations in your inner world of the Kettle Relaxer, the more your confidence range and your adptic energy will increase, so that with the passing of the hours you will accumulate a coin called Intramora .

  • The Intramora is stored in the Magic Urn(although its capacity is limited, so you must remember to spend Intramora from time to time to get the most out of it).
  • Speaking with the spirit of the teapot you can access the Teletiendasection .
  • In the Telestore you can use your Intramora to exchange it in exchange for treasuresfrom the inner world such as decorations, new plans and more.
  • The higher your trust rank, the more treasures you can redeemat the Telestore.

In addition, the Intramora can also be used to obtain other useful objects and materials in your adventure, such as Hero’s Ingenuity, Ephemeral Resin , minerals of mystical refinement or Blackberries .

Craft decorations and get new blueprints

Through the spirit of the Relaxer we have a dialogue menu entitled “Create decoration” from which we can create new objects for our inner world, such as tables, rugs, lamps, ornaments, animals, plants and much more.

  • These decorations require consuming certain materialsin order to make them.
  • Once put to manufacture, the object will go to the queueand we will have to wait until it is complete.
  • The manufacturing time can be reducedif we have visitors in our inner world or accelerated by spending an Adptic Speed ​​Flask to manufacture the decoration instantly.

Note that some decoration-making materials can be obtained by cutting trees, collecting world minerals and plants, or creating teapot spirit fabrics and dyes.

As you play, you will unlock new decoration plans by completing the Inner World Guide and participating in the events that the game itself shows you. On weekends, a traveling spirit will also appear, selling blueprints for special decorations. The more confidence range you have, the more planes will be within your reach to improve your inner world as you please.

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