How to get the Look at Him Go trophy and achievement

It Takes Two is here and fans of exciting games designed entirely around cooperative play should already dive into it with a friend. The reviews seem good so far, and if you liked A Way Out, Hazelight Studio’s latest game, there should be a lot to make you happy about this one. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to get the ” Watch It Go” trophy and achievement in It Takes Two . Here is what you need to know.

How to get the Look at Him Go trophy and achievement

You will have the opportunity to unlock “Watch him go” in Chapter 3, Rose’s Room, in the spaced part of the level. In this area, you will pass through different portals that will transport you to new mini-worlds.

Head to the yellow portal and you will find a blue ramp roughly right in front of where you exit the portal.

Just below the ramp is a catapult. Cut down on Cody and stand on the lower side. Then place May in front of him on the side that is up and blow her up. We all know how it ends… It will send Cody flying into orbit and the achievement and the “Look at him, go away” trophy will be yours.

Hope this helped you get the trophy and achievement, Watch It Go, in It Takes Two . To learn more about It Takes Two, be sure to check out our recent review.

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