How to get the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6

The Far Cry 6 Desert Eagle is one of the best pistols you can get in Yara. To get your hands on it, you will need to complete the Yaran story side quest “The Last One to Leave”, located at the far north of the map. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete the mission, so that you can get the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6 .

How to get the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6 – “Last to Go” Quest Guide

First, you’ll need to head to the northwest corner of Esperanza, the capital of Yara, just north of the Far Cry 6 map.

“The Last To Go” is a Yaran story, indicated on your map by a purple diamond icon.

When you get here you will find a note in an orange box. Read this and now you will need to activate three switches that connect the closed door of this building.

The first of them is in the blue house near the sea.

Head inside, crouch in the small space to your left. Follow the path around, you will find the switch you need to turn on in the last room on the wall.

Be careful though, as the room is constantly full of poison, so you’ll have to be quick or turn it off with the wheel near the big yellow container outside.

Then follow the other power line to the water tower. You’ll have to climb onto the rooftops of neighboring buildings here, then jump into the section of the water tower where the blue stuff hangs.

Turn on the switch at the top, then go back to the original house.

From there, find the light blue / mint green house and go inside.

Interact and turn on the radio, then the television, and finally the picture of the beach house hanging on the wall in this room.

Doing this will open a hidden door, and inside you will find the third and final switch that you need to turn on.

Go back to the house where you found the original message, go inside and open the chest inside. You will now have the Far Cry 6 Desert Eagle.

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