How to get Simeon to call you GTA online

n GTA Online it is possible to suffer a bug whereby Simeon never calls us on the mobile and due to this it is not possible to buy properties. Here we give you several solutions to solve this problem.

GTA Online: How to receive Simeon’s call? (bug fix)


  1. Method 1 to receive the call from Simeon
  2. Method 2 to receive the call from Simeon
  3. Simeon still doesn’t call, what can I do?

An issue that many players have experienced in GTA Online is a recurring bug related to the character of Simeon . This character has to call us on our mobile phone in the first hours of our multiplayer game to be able to unlock the purchase of properties, but for some reason we never received his call .

In fact, if you try to buy a property from the Dynasty 8 website , you will get a “purchase failed” message and the game will tell you that you have to receive the call from Simeon first.


Next in this entry of our guide we are going to tell you two methods that serve to solve this bug and be able to receive the call from Simeon. First of all, remember that you also have to be Level 5 of reputation or superior properties to acquire power in GTA Online.

Method 1 to receive the call from Simeon

The first method to fix the problem with Simeon’s call is to do the following:

  • Open your mobile phone and enter the Contacts tab.
  • Select Simeon’s contactand call him.
  • Now request an Activityfrom Simeon, that is, give you a mission.
  • After a while anactivity invitation will appear in your mobile registration, accept it to start the mission.
  • Simeon’s mission will be related to stealing a vehicleand taking it to his Los Santos dealership.

After completing these steps, upon completing the mission, you will receive money and RP and a message from Simeon on your mobile thanking you for completing the task. Now this is the most important point ; from here, reopen your mobile and call Simeon again .

When you start calling Simeon, it is very important to hang up the call before he answers you . So give him a call and as soon as the first tone rings, he cancels the call . If you got it right, in a few seconds you should get a call back from Simeon . As soon as you see this call, grab it quickly so you can watch a video clip of Simeon.

After you finish watching the sequence , you should already receive a notification in the upper left part of the screen that tells you that you have unlocked the purchase of properties in Dynasty 8.

Method 2 to receive the call from Simeon

In some cases, some users have reported that what we have described in the first method does not help them to receive the call from Simeon. Sometimes when you call the character to request an activity, there is a padlock that prevents you from carrying out his missions at that moment, or directly when doing all of the above, yet Simeon does not call.

Luckily, there is a second method that many players have found helpful in solving this problem with Simeon as well. In this case, the method consists of going to one of the 24-hour stores in the city of Los Santos (they are marked on the map with their own icon).

For example, you can visit the Limited LTD store at the gas station northeast of Los Santos, on West Mirror Drive , its exact location is this:

Once you get to this store (or another of the stores), the steps you must take are the following:

  • Go inside the storeand wait around 30 seconds or 1 minute .
  • At any time you should receive theincoming call from Simeon on your mobile.
  • If you do not receive the call, continue a while longerin the store (for example you can buy some snacks).
  • After waiting a while longer, it is possible that Simeon will definitely call you.

If you still do not receive the call from Simeon, then you can try your luck by going to another store in the city and repeating the same process. When he finally calls you you will see a video sequence and after this you should be able to buy properties.

Simeon still doesn’t call, what can I do?

The Simeon call issue has affected thousands of players in GTA Online. There are many who have managed to solve the problem with one of the two methods that we have said above. However, others wait days and days for Simeon’s call and it never happens.

This bug is believed to be related to the GTA Online tutorial. So as a last possible resort to get this problem fixed, what we can tell you is to try the most desperate route. That is, try to create a new character online and when at first you are given the opportunity to do the GTA Online tutorial, reject it and do not accept it. In this way later Simeon should call you without any complication and so you can buy the properties.


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