How to Get Rid of Drunk Instantly

We know that drinking is considered by many to be a harmless social habit, but sometimes it can get out of hand and we may need to be sober again as soon as possible. Follow these tips and you’ll feel like new in a few minutes.

  1. Stay well hydrated

One of the effects that alcohol produces in our body is dehydration, which is why many people experience hangovers. For this reason, it is very important to drink plenty of water to help you hydrate again and eliminate alcohol from your body through urine . This will make the drunkenness go away much faster and is also one of the most effective hangover tricks. But better hydrate with water than with other sugary drinks, as they could worsen your condition.

  1. Have a strong coffee

If you are wondering how to lower your drunkenness as soon as possible, you will be interested to know that if you drink several cups of strong coffee you can do it. This occurs because caffeine is a powerful stimulant that activates our brain, reducing some of the symptoms caused by alcohol. Coffee is a diuretic drink that will help you urinate and thus eliminate toxins that can damage the body.

To achieve the desired effect, it is better to drink it alone and loaded, but also drink water to remove the drunkenness faster. You have to be careful not to go overboard with coffee, because excess caffeine is not good for your health. With two or three cups you will have the desired effect, do not abuse this substance because, despite its benefits, it has many contraindications as well.

  1. Induce vomiting

This trick does not please anyone, but it is one of the best to remove drunkenness. The reason is because by inducing vomiting we get the alcohol out of our body before the liver metabolizes it, causing reluctance and discomfort, this option is highly recommended. In any case, think about how to reduce the drunkenness before going to sleep, because when you go to bed it is very likely that you will want to vomit. If you don’t realize it and are sleeping on your back, you could drown.

  1. Have an isotonic drink

Isotonic drinks will also help you stay hydrated and regain the salts that your body has lost due to excess alcohol . If you are at home and you cannot buy one of these drinks, we will show you a similar recipe to make it yourself. Fill a glass with the juice of half a lemon, or if you prefer a whole one, and finish filling it with mineral water. Add a little salt and stir well until everything is well mixed and take small sips.

  1. Take a cold shower

This is only recommended if you are not very drunk or dizzy, as you could have an accident. If you want to know how to reduce mild drunkenness, one of the best tricks is to take a cold bath or shower . This way you will be able to wake up and feel better, but do not do it suddenly. It is best to start by putting the water a little warm and gradually lowering the temperature until the water runs cold and hold for a few seconds. It is also one of the most effective hangover tricks.

Finally, we want to remind you that the best way to avoid drunkenness is to drink alcohol in moderation. It is very important to drink responsibly so as not to harm your health or endanger other people. And of course, never take the car if you have drunk excessively, ask a family member or friend to help you get home.

How to reduce the binge eating

You may have reached that level of binge where you can’t eat anything, plus your stomach will be sore. But there are certain foods that can help you eliminate drunkenness thanks to its components. We show you some of them.

  • Asparagus. This food contains compounds that help reverse the effects that alcohol produces in our body. However, the leaves are much more powerful than the roots, which is what we eat. If you have the opportunity to get asparagus leaves, taking an infusion or extract from this plant can help you get rid of drunkenness instantly.
  • Cactus infusion. Nopal extract is one of the most effective hangover tricks, eliminating nausea and dry mouth. However, you should take it before drinking alcohol .
  • The amino acids in bacon also help to get rid of a hangover.
  • Orange juice. Vitamin C helps fight the symptoms produced by alcohol.
  • Eggs. They contain cysteine ​​that helps counteract aldehyde, a substance that builds up in the body when you drink excessively.
  • Chickpea cream. They contain vitamin B6, which protects against hangovers and has a protective effect. It is also found abundantly in asparagus.
  • Artichokes. There are pills made from artichoke extract that are very good for fighting hangovers.


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