How to Get Pyrite or Fake Gold in Final Fantasy

Learn how to acquire Pyrite or Fake Gold in Final Fantasy and use it effectively to enhance your gameplay experience.All the requirements you must meet and essential materials if you want to create the Tomberi knife in Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide

There are many weapons that we can get in Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide , but without a doubt the Tomberi Knife is one of the most sought after.

Unfortunately, there are many people who are complaining that they cannot find the specific material for making this knife, and it is very hidden.Exactly what we need is 2 fake gold (and then some), but most are finding that by the end of this expansion they only have one fake gold shard in their inventory.

How to get Pyrite or Fake Gold in Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide essential to get Tomberi’s knife

You’ll need to find two Fake Gold Shards if you want to be able to craft Tomberi’s Knife, in addition to having progressed to the end of this expansion.The first fake gold fragment is part of the narrative, and is unmissable, and is basically defeating Master Tomberi that you will encounter .

The other fake gold fragment is located in a chest, somewhat hidden on the map, and so that you go directly for it we give you its exact location, in the following screenshot:

This Tomberi knife is forged by the Haven Blacksmith and first requires users to progress through this expansion.

Once you have defeated the Tomberi master this knife can be crafted , but you must first obtain the required materials.

To craft it you need a Notched Tang, a Watery Membrane, two Orichalcum and two False Gold Shards. Tang can be obtained by finding and defeating King Tombery. Watery Membrane is found by defeating Thalaos. Orichalcum is found by completing mandatory quests in the expansion.As you can see, the only way to get this Tomberi knife is by completing the entire expansion and finding its secrets, including the relevant chest.

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