How to get Porygon2 competitive

In the Pokémon saga there are numerous creatures that are more demanding than others, especially when it comes to participating in official tournaments . This requires good training so that its statistics are high enough, but The Pokémon Company is aware that not everyone is willing to carry out this process, which is why they wanted to give away an excellent competitive Pokémon .

How to get Porygon2 competitive

If you are Pokémon Sword and Shield players, you will have the opportunity to get hold of a Porygon2 that is thoroughly trained for combat, with simply splendid movements and statistics . In fact, it is one that was precisely used by one of the champions of a Japanese Pokémon tournament that took place recently.

The process to join it to your collection is very simple, although you will have until August 31st . To do this you must access the game menu and select Mysterious Gift , from there give to receive a gift by code or password and enter the following code that you have below: ” PKMNPLAYERSCUP “.

If everything went well, a Porygon2 will appear with the following statistics:

  • Level: 50
  • Nature: Rude (+ Special Defense, – Speed)
  • IV: HP and Defense maxed out
  • Moves: Recovery, Rare Space, Ice Beam, Lightning

The reason for giving it that nature is precisely because the purpose of using this Porygon2 is to take advantage of the Rare Space movement , which causes the slowest Pokémon to be the first to attack and this becomes the opposite case of the Faster Pokémon, so it would be their thing to form a team with which this tactic can be useful.


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