How to get out of full screen on my Windows laptop

Although we use our laptop daily the simple use of some commands, our world can turn us upside down. And when we know how to do them, it just makes us laugh a lot. The same will happen in the next article, where we will show you how to get out of full screen on my Windows laptop easily.

When we enter the full screen on our computer, we will be able to see the entire image and the options to return to the normal screen disappear.

This can confuse many users, since they do not find a menu that tells you where to click with the mouse. Failing that, you must use the keyboard and this is where everything gets complicated.

You must remember that personal computers like laptops use both the mouse and the keyboard to perform various functions.

And the keyboard replaces the mouse in many of them, being the peripheral that we use the most to get out of the full screen or to increase or decrease the Zoom in our Laptops.

How to get out of full screen on my Windows laptop easily

It is very common to find that video games and video players include a button with which to activate the full screen. And in this way they can place it at any time, whenever it is necessary. We can also see this in software that when started automatically activates the full screen, to offer the user a unique visual experience.

So if we already know that there will always be applications and games that can show us the full screen without us doing it.

It is necessary then to know how to get out of the full screen on my Windows laptop easily. And here we tell you what you should do using the keyboard, let’s get started.

Steps so you can get out of full screen on my Windows laptop easily

The first option that I can find to get out of the full screen on my Windows laptop easily, is by means of the ESC key. If you press this key, many programs and video games go out of the full screen when you press this key. It is the fastest to use, but it doesn’t always work and then you need to know another way to do it.

Now we will offer you another very effective method or trick to be able to exit the full screen on your Laptop. And to do this, we must press the function key F11 , it is one of the keys par excellence both to exit and to enter the full screen. This key on the keyboard is configured so that programs support this command when you press this key.

Now we are going to indicate a way to do it without using the keyboard and it is by means of the mouse, if you hear it if you can do it. And what you should do is go over the screen and you are going to right click, this action will generate a menu of options. Here you will select an option that allows you to exit the full screen or change your view .

If it does not allow you, look in the window for an option that allows you to exit the full screen or if you are in a video such as YouTube.

You can double click on the window and you will automatically exit this mode. It will be minimized and you will be able to see the menu that was previously hidden so that you could enjoy the video without distractions.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts and for this we are going to press the Win + M keys and in this way all the windows that are open will be minimized. And it will take them to the taskbar, so that they can return to full screen mode, you must press the keys Win ´ + Shift + M.

And in this way we have shown you all the ways that exist so that you can, through the keyboard or using the mouse, exit the full screen on my Windows laptop easily . We just hope that you can use this tutorial in the right way and apply this new knowledge that you have only been able to know with us.


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