How to Get Ostriches in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, one of the most beloved farming simulators around, has got a major new content update, Update 1.5. Among the plethora of content introduced is the addition of an ostrich, a new animal that you can add to your farm. This guide will let you know how you can get your hands on ostriches in Stardew Valley.

How to Get Ostriches in Stardew Valley

Ostriches are large flightless birds that lay giant eggs. These can be used to make mayonnaise or make more ostriches which you can then sell. However, getting your hands on an ostrich isn’t that easy.

The ostrich is an endgame animal, which means you must complete all community forum bundles in the community center.

Once the game is complete, you will have to access the blueprints of an ostrich incubator and ostrich eggs to finally get the ostriches.

Ostrich egg incubator

To get the blueprints for the incubator, you need to get to Ginger Island. To do this, you need to go to Willy’s shop and repair the boat that will allow you to travel to Ginger Island.

On the island, look for Professor Snail. Do this by advancing across the island and near the base of the volcano, you’ll find Professor Snail next to his tent sheltering the bridge.

Once found, you will find him trapped behind a rock and you will need to use a bomb or mega bomb to free him.

Once Professor Snail is freed, you will need to collect all the fossils he needs to complete his museum. All of these fossils and articles can be found on Ginger Island.

After completing all the tasks that Professor Snail asks of you, you get the blueprints for the ostrich incubator. These incubators allow you to hatch ostrich eggs into ostriches.

To make one, you need 50 bone fragments, 50 hardwood pieces and 20 ash fragments.

Once you have created an incubator, place it in the stable. You cannot place the incubator in the coop. Next, you need an egg to incubate.

Ostrich Eggs

Two eggs can be easily obtained. For the first one, dig up the treasure shown on Agenda Scrap # 10. Otherwise, you can find one on the ninth level of the volcano. You will have to complete a little puzzle to unlock the chest in that maze.

Once you have the egg, right-click on the incubation machine while holding an ostrich egg; Each incubator can only hold one egg at a time.

If multiple ostrich eggs in multiple machines are ready to hatch, only one will hatch at a time when you enter the barn, so you will need to go out and back in for more eggs to hatch.

Each egg takes about 12 days to hatch. Once you have an ostrich baby, wait for it to mature so it can start laying eggs again.

You also need to make sure your barn isn’t full if you are waiting for an egg to hatch. If the barn is full, the egg will not hatch until it has enough capacity to hold an ostrich.

Ostrich egg can really help with mayonnaise production. One ostrich egg produces 10x Mayo, which is sure to accelerate your earnings and progress. Otherwise, these eggs can also be sold or given away.


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