How to get original resin in Genshin Impact?

The original Resin is a very valuable type of resource in Genshin Impact, if you do not know what it is for or how it is used, here we will tell you everything in addition to explaining how you can get it.


  1. How to get original resin in Genshin Impact?
  2. What is the original resin for?

In the early stages of your adventure through Genshin Impact, there will be a lot of aspects of the game that you still won’t fully understand. Some things are not explained too much, such as what the original Resin is , a type of resource that you have surely already seen represented with the symbol of a crescent. In this entry of our complete guide we explain how to get resin and what it is for.

How to get original resin in Genshin Impact?


The most important thing you should know about how to get original resin is that this is a type of resource that is passively replenished over time, specifically 1 point of resin is replenished every 8 real minutes . The total of resin that you can accumulate is 120 (you can see it in the map view, top right), therefore if you are at zero and you want to completely replenish it, you must wait a total of 16 hours.

This is the easiest way to replace your resin since you only have to wait and little by little it will accumulate. Now, what if you don’t want to wait or need more resin right away? So there are a couple more methods to get resin.

Replace resin with weak resin

  • The weak resinis a fairly rare consumable that can automatically replenish 60 points Original resin.
  • This weak resin can be obtained, for example, from adventure rank rewards and others.
  • Keep in mind that when using a weak resin when you are above 60 points of original resin, the excess amount of resin will be lost(since the cap is always 120).

Replenish resin with Protogems

Another way to replenish your original resin is by directly expending protogems in the process. Every day you can buy 6 times resin with protogems, and each time it will give you up to 60 points of resin. Of course, the costs are increasing in this way:

  • First time:cost of 50 protogems.
  • Second time:cost 100 protogems.
  • Third time:cost 100 protogems.
  • Fourth time:cost 150 protogems.
  • Fifth time:cost 200 protogems.
  • Sixth time:cost 200 protogems.

What is the original resin for?

The original resin makes sense when you have advanced enough in the game to unlock certain content through your Adventure Rank . We say this because resin is a resource that is used to claim the rewards of the ley lines and the abyssal domains, as well as some bosses that are around the world.

When you complete any of these tasks, the reward will appear, but in order to collect it you will have to spend resin points :

  • Ley Flowers Rewards:Cost 20 Original Resin.
  • Nether Domains Rewards:Cost 20 Original Resin.
  • Elite Boss Rewards:Cost 40 Original Resin.
  • Weekly Boss Rewards:Cost 60 Original Resin.

Remember, you can complete these tasks, but if you want the final rewards you must spend resin. Make sure you have it close at hand before heading out on your adventure.

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