How to get or have free Robux for Roblox legally?

Roblox is a game that inevitably reached the hearts of everyone. This was so, thanks to the curiosity of its scoop (creating a game within another) and also to the payment system that they implemented. With that last in mind, today you will learn how to get or have free Robux for Roblox legally.

How to Get or Get Free Robux for Roblox Legally – The Best Way

Everybody wants free money, that is an intrinsic condition in the human being, so when a game allows you to obtain their currency in this way, it is obvious that you will try to do it. Why it is the appointment today, so do not stay with the desire to buy anything and can c onseguir much money as legally anytime.

Get or have free Robux for Roblox legally

Before starting the process that will help you get or have free Robux for Roblox legally, you should first know what this feature or object of the game is, so that you have a better understanding of the subject.

Basically it is the currency that allows every user to buy things, be it shirts, pants (which you can also obtain when creating or making clothes in Roblox yourself), among other items of great importance. This virtual money can be obtained by spending the real one (when buying Roblox cards ), but there are also certain tricks that can help you obtain it.

It should be noted that there is not only one process to earn free Robux, there are several methods that will allow you to do so . However, they are not easy as sitting down and waiting for them to be generated, you have to work a little for them.


The first way you can earn robux is by selling items . This method works only if you are a Premium user of the game, since you will have to create your own clothes and then sell them. The cooler your own designs are, the better they will sell, so push yourself hard as if it were real life.

There is almost no limit to the creation of objects, so you can create as many things as you want and sell them all the time. If you want to become a Premium user, you have to go to the game’s official page and look for the memberships (the simplest month costs less than 10 euros).

Sell ​​the game passes of your worlds

Another way to get money quickly is by creating your world and selling game passes. These are like tickets that give their wearer special abilities like strength and speed, within a game created by you.

The trick to this is that your world is really good and fun so that people want to pay what the ticktet is worth (for example, you can create your own luxury hotel ). Its price can vary depending on the quality of the game, but you should always put it between 25 and 1000 robux . Take into account that if you are a Premium user you will get 70% of the profits if not only 10%.

Get or have robux with Game Acces

With all of the above you should already be able to get or have free Robux for Roblox legally, but there are still other ways. One is similar to the previous one and is selling the game acces . These are also tickets but to enter a game.


It is basically paying to play and it works great if the world or game you have created is really good, since the price can be up to 1000 robux. In this case you must also be a Premium user to obtain 70% of the profits. otherwise you will have to settle for 10%.

As a recommendation, before selling your access games, you should look for a tutorial to make your Roblox game famous and popular , so that you can earn money quickly.


Now to finish your learning on How to get or have free Robux for Roblox legally? , we must talk about the codes. These are like types of keys that allow the user to win prizes just by entering them on their official website.

These codes are posted for free on the game’s official fan pages and on Roblox’s twitter, so if you want to get one you should be on the lookout. These can give you up to 1000 robux without doing anything.

However, keep in mind that many codes are general, but others simply work in a certain game, and not only give money but also special items and features.


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