How to get or get more acorns in Pokemon Café Mix

Pokemón Café Mix , is a puzzle game that takes us to a Pokemón cafeteria; There, different species will order us meals related to these charismatic pocket beasts. In each order, the player will have to put together a puzzle in order to recreate succulent dishes; Each dish must meet the customer’s requirements, with each well-placed order, you will be able to obtain golden acorns with which we can reshape our coffee into a Pokemón food court, but how can you get more acorns in Pokemon Café Mix.

Getting these precious acorns can become a real odyssey if you don’t know how to do it; But don’t worry, in this article we will show you in a very detailed way the different ways we have to be creditors of these striking Golden Acorns , you just have to pay close attention.

How to get Golden Acorns in Pokemon Café Mix?

After having downloaded Pokémon Café Mix on your PC or mobile ; The most common way is to please our customers with succulent dishes, if it meets their expectations, they will reward us with several golden acorns, everything will depend on the amount of time it takes us to prepare the order of our dear guest (less time, more acorns ).

We can also find the challenge cards. These are three tasks that will reward us with several more acorns. This method has a timer that resets after completing the series of tasks, which means that you can only use it a few times a day.

Another way to receive these precious golden acorns is through the daily rewards , this changes every day, which means that daily you will receive varied objects when you log in. The most common reward is a Golden Acorns kit; If you complete the daily missions 5 days in a row, you can also receive a free Pokémon as a reward.

Unlike many Niantic and The Pokémon of Company video games, Pokémon café mix is ​​the only one in which you can obtain coins in a simple way , very different from Pokémon Go, which to obtain PokeCoins you must place your Pokémon in a gym so that it defend for many hours, thus receiving 50 coins daily.

A much safer method to get more acorns

In this fascinating game, we also have the opportunity to buy acorns for real money; Each handful of Golden Acorns can vary depending on the quantity, these can range from $ 1.99 to $ 79.99.

The purchase of Golden Acorns can also be done in four portions , divided as follows: 1,200 acorns for $ 0.99, 6,100 acorns for $ 4.99, 12,000 acorns for $ 9.99 and 24,000 acorns for $ 19.99. This option is for players who are willing to spend a few dollars to get many more golden acorns.

Of course, for many this option is not very popular (not all of us have enough to spend on a video game) but this method represents one of the safest ways to obtain these precious golden acorns. As we said before, it all depends on the disposition that each player has.

Despite all this, Pokémon Café Mix offers its players greater accessibility and ample opportunities to obtain Golden Acorns. In addition to having tricks and secrets that you can discover in other of our articles.

Getting more acorns in Pokemon Café Mix is ​​very easy and for this you will only have to log in daily, complete daily tasks and serve succulent dishes to all your customers; Simply put, we just have to play a lot every day. In fact, there are games similar to Pokémon Café Mix , they are just as fun.

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