How to get more storage space in Box for free

Today we have several cloud storage services . Among so many options , what are the best cloud storage services? ; some are free but have their limitations, in others you have to pay a fee to extend the storage space. Box is one of them and within its promotions we can get more free storage space on this platform.

Cloud storage is the option we have when our hard drives reach their peak. We generally try to free up hard drive storage space on MacOS , iOS, PC, or Android. But, sometimes it is not enough, or we want to have a backup of our information. Here is when we need Box.

Boxs’ cloud storage service

The interesting thing about this platform is that we can upload and share files in the cloud for free , regardless of the type of file. In this way we will access them very easily from our phone, computer, Tablet, being anywhere.

We will only need our internet connection. Its operation is similar to that of a desktop, being able to organize files, videos, photos and everything that we want by folders .

An advantage of Box is that it offers us to share large files through a link. If we prefer, it also gives us the alternative of doing it using email or from the Box itself.

The files can be viewed, shared and even edited while online and even offline. If at some point the hard drive fails, we will be guaranteed not to lose our most important documents .

How did we get more free Box storage space?

By just registering in Box we get 10GB of free storage . In order to gain more space on this platform, we should have been in the promotions it offered when its services began.

In this way, the 10GB they offer to register would be transformed into 50GB. This was obtained by downloading and installing the application on our device. In recent times they have not launched another promotion like this, but we do not lose hope

Now, if we want to upload those 10GB of storage we have to get one of the plans offered by the platform. One of them is the Personal Pro Plan with which we will have access to 100GB of extra memory. Although we will have to pay for this service our storage capacity will multiply by 10. Also the upload limits of the files would improve from 250mb to 5GB.

To acquire this plan we would have to go to the company’s website . Let’s log in there, if we are already registered, and let’s see that in the control panel there is the option “Get more storage space” . Click on this green icon located in the upper right and after selecting “Personal Pro” we click “Continue”.

In case of not having a user, when acquiring the plan they will ask us for the data to open an account. In either of the two cases, we will have to empty our data and select how we are going to make the payments, whether monthly or annually. After entering the billing address, click on “Complete improvement”.

To have more free Box storage space we must wait again for one of their promotions. Let’s wait for this to happen. If you want to have that extra space on the platform, we have shown you one of the alternatives it offers.

Now that you have an idea of what clouds are, what they are for and how they work in computing? . We hope you can find the best option to save all your videos, images and other important things. Leave us your opinion at the checkout before you go.


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