How to get more likes and reactions on my Facebook

Social networks are some of the most useful tools in our days, with them we can share our experiences and enjoy those of others. For that reason, they are one of the most effective bases and aids to make friends with people, maintain contact with our loved ones, and share our experiences through photos.

The symbols of approval in social networks

When posting a photo or post on various topics on Facebook, there is a particular option that allows people who see your post to react by liking, “I love it”, “It amuses me”, “It makes me angry,” It makes me sad, or It amazes me. Posting a photo and receiving a lot of positive reactions brings a certain pleasant feeling of satisfaction , however, not receiving any like is quite frustrating.

This can happen due to a variety of reasons, you may not have connected correctly with your current Facebook friends and followers, so they will react little. Also, one of the most common is not having a wide variety of friends or followers on your profile who are willing to react, which is why it is important to have active contacts on your social networks.

How to extend your list of friends on Facebook?

The easiest way to do this is by accepting all friend requests from the people we find the most pleasant, or who upload posts with which you feel related.

Or you can send requests to all the profiles that  appear in the section of people you may know on Facebook, which we can find in the same tab as our friend requests. This can be easier if you see the mutual friends you have with another person who is already your friend on Facebook.

How to get more reactions on Facebook?

To get more likes and reactions on your Facebook you can follow different types of steps that will surely increase your success and your reactions in social networks, which are actually quite simple, but very practical and quite effective.

  1. Increase your list of friends and followers on Facebook by accepting all your requests or by sending them to the people who appear in the “People you may know” section to be better known.
  2. Improve the quality of your photos by following photographic rules and making good, attention-grabbing edits that will make your posts stand out from the crowd . You can achieve this by modifying your photos with a good photo editing program .
  3. Share at least one post a day on a topic of general interest, you can alternate between some that make comedy about it, and others that approach it seriously and introspection.
  4. From time to time, make a publication of your own, it is your decision if it will be fun or introspective, but the main idea that is shared by your contacts which makes it possible for you to reach more people.
  5. Also react to your contacts’ posts on Facebook, as this serves to get their attention and can increase their desire to share with you and react to your posts.
  6. Use an eye-catching profile photo which highlights your best aspects , and just as important as that, upload a cover photo whose colors and shapes match or match your profile photo. You could even add a frame to your profile photo to make it more original.

Now, if it is not about getting more likes and reactions on a personal profile but about increasing them on a Facebook page of which you own, the methods change a bit.

How to get more likes on your Facebook page?

Taking simple actions such as sharing your page’s posts on your personal profile or asking people close to you to do the same can increase the number of your reactions.

It is also worth resorting to the option of promoting Facebook pages , made so that many people who may not have contact with you or your page know it in a very striking way.

And finally, making dynamics with your followers as you get them helps a lot so that they feel related to the objective of your page


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