How to get moon in Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach

How to get moon in Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach.How to deal with the Moon in kindergarten and activate all generators.Sun and Moon are the same transforming character in Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach. Arriving at kindergarten, you will face the good-natured Sun. Distract his attention by destroying the pyramid of soft blocks, and run to the far table, where you need to take the pass.

Immediately after that, the lights in the kindergarten will turn off, and the Sun will turn into an evil moon that will follow you throughout the kindergarten. The only safe place is the table where you just found your first Pizza Plexus pass. Be sure to pick up your flashlight from the wall charger. Shine on the moon to slightly slow down the animatronics.

You need to activate 5 generators. The more generators are active, the more aggressive the actions of the Moon will be. When the four generators are activated, the moon will begin to chase you without stopping. You can hide from it in the pipes, but not in the structures themselves, since the Moon can walk right up the slides.

The children’s room can be divided into three parts. There are two generators on the right, one on the left, and two more on the center. The first thing I recommend to do is to run along the left wall to the left structure, go around it and get inside through the blue pipe. Then go up the slopes, moving along the black cable, and activate the first generator. Go down and in the same way along the left wall (it will already be on your right hand) return to the table.

Take a rest and hit the road. This time – to the right construction. The entrance is on the side closest to you. Go inside and see the rise. Take your time to move up, and instead go to the left of him to find a second generator nearby. Now go up to the top of the right structure and go along the yellow pipe to the central one. The pipe is next to another generator, which is hidden behind the grate on the left. You can’t get to him from here.

After following the yellow pipe to the central structure, turn left and start looking for a way down. On the lower floor, you will find a third generator. After that, go up the same way and look for an exit to the upper level of the central structure. There will be a fourth generator. A little further, you need to turn to the right and go through the blue pipe back to the right structure. There will be a fork of several pipes. Turn right and jump down to the last generator. There can be no moon here. As soon as you activate the last generator, the lights will turn on and the Moon will stop chasing you.

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