How to get money in Far Cry 5

We tell you about all the ways to make a stable income in Far Cry 5

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If you suddenly want to buy a new weapon or vehicle in Far Cry 5 , then you will probably need money. There are several ways to make a stable income, and today we will tell you about several profitable schemes.

Hope County is a fairly large place, and it is rather difficult to immediately know which direction to look in. There are many different vendors and shops where you can buy something and sell something profitably. Once you find a local supplier, be sure to look into your inventory and sell any unnecessary junk. We have identified three main ways to make money and each of them is quite different from each other.

Safes and hiding places

If you like to travel and explore, then you won’t have any problems with currency. The entire game world is filled with various caches and treasures. The ideal solution for lovers of this style is survival caches or opening safes. Both of these items will reward you generously for your efforts. As soon as we have a free minute – let’s go for treasures!


If you are a supporter of exploration, but not gathering everything around, and do not even mind shooting, then hunting is ideal for you. The process includes tracking down animals, shooting them, and skinning them. The faster and more delicately you deal with the animal (for example, using a bow, not a shotgun), the more valuable the loot will be. It is quite simple to determine the habitat of any animal – signs with designations are placed around the forest zones. If you are walking along the path and see a yellow sign with a bear, then you should prepare for an unexpected meeting.


If you are a fan of maximum graphic settings and just admire the environment, then fishing is your assistant. This is not only a profitable way, but also quite a relaxing activity. There are also several different types of bait, fish and even rods to help you catch even more valuable fish.

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