How to get information on the Macbook battery

Would you like to know about the health conditions of your Macbook? How to get information about the Macbook battery? Read here.

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In order to have information regarding the battery of your Macbook you must have the affected device at hand.

How to get information on the Macbook battery

You have been using your Macbook for a long time and have noticed that the battery has started to drop in performance. Reading the Internet, you discovered that macOS gives you the number of charge and discharge cycles the battery has done, as well as its health condition. But how to access this information? Nothing could be simpler, in 3 clicks we will see how to do it together! Let’s get started right away!

Here are the steps to find Macbook battery information :

  1. Click on the Applelogo at the top left and from the drop-down menu select “Information about this Mac “.
  2. Click on the “System Report …” button.
  3. In the next window, click with the mouse on the item “Energy”that you find in the sidebar. In the item “Information on the condition of the battery” you will find the number of recharging cycles that have been carried out since the first start-up and the condition of the battery . In case it needs to be replaced, you will find the words “Battery requires assistance”.

The procedure is concluded. We found the information we were looking for about our Macbook battery. Simple, don’t you think?

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