How to Get Infinite Grenades in Helldivers 2

Learn how to get infinite grenades in Helldivers 2 and dominate the battlefield with this simple yet effective hack. Never run out of explosives again!Do you want to have infinite grenades in Helldivers 2? Well, you should know that it is possible thanks to a trick that requires some skill. We leave you the video where you can see how to get it and the steps you have to follow to do it.

Grenades in Helldivers 2 are very important , as they are capable of wiping out large groups of enemies or taking out some of the more powerful terminids or automatons.

Since you can only have a certain number of them in Helldivers 2 unless you manage to replenish your supply, their use must be carefully considered. Well, that was before I learned the trick that allows you to get infinite grenades wherever and whenever you want. 

This trick may eventually be disabled in future updates, but until then you can still benefit from it, as long as you have the patience to get it right. 

The steps are not very complicated, but you have to be precise when executing them . We leave you the video where we demonstrate that it is possible to execute this trick correctly.

How to get infinite grenades in Helldivers 2

It doesn’t matter what type of grenades you use, as this trick allows you to get an unlimited number of them regardless of whether they are impact, incendiary or any other. These are the steps you have to follow :

  1. Throw all your grenades except one.
  2. Equip that remaining grenade, but don’t throw it.
  3. With it equipped, double-tap the button to access the stratagems.
  4. When the menu is about to close for the second time, throw the grenade.
  5. Immediately repeat the third step and throw the grenade again.

The indicator to know if the trick has worked is that the grenade icon will show a -1 and the more grenades you throw, the more it will add to that number. As we say, it didn’t work out for us on the first try. It’s all a matter of skill and speed.

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