How to Get Infinite Gems and Unlimited Gold in Squad Busters

Learn how to get infinite gems and unlimited gold in Squad Busters with these top tips and tricks. Increase your resources and dominate the game!

No more worries about lack of resources in Squad Busters! Find out how to get infinite gems and unlimited gold in Squad Busters and dominate the game without spending a single cent. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either!

We recently showed you some tips and tricks to be the best at Squad Busters , we even mixed it with some tricks to succeed in the game . Now is the time to put what you have learned into practice and start generating an inexhaustible amount of resources to get the best characters in the Tier List , buy chests in the store and even advance in the Gem Pass.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. In this guide, we will show you how to get infinite gems and unlimited gold in Squad Busters and become a master of the game without spending real money. So if you’re not ready, get ready to unlock this (non-bannable) bug and blast off to victory.

How to Get Infinite Gems and Unlimited Gold in Squad Busters

There are many ways to get infinite gems and unlimited gold in Squad Busters , and almost all of them are in-game. Below, you can see the ones that are really favorable to ensure your progress and level up.

Stay in Ranking #1

Stay in Ranking #1

One of the safest ways to get gems and gold in Squad Busters is to stay at the top of the ranking. Top ranked players receive daily and weekly rewards including gems and gold.

To achieve this, you need to be constant and strategic in your games. Spend time improving your skills and know your characters’ strengths and weaknesses well to win more battles and score points in the ranking.

Finish off your enemies

Finish off your enemies

Defeating other players will not only help you rise in the ranking, but is also a direct source of inexhaustible gems . Every time you defeat an enemy, you have a chance to gain some of their resources. Take advantage of this mechanic to strengthen your in-game economy.

Destroy the most powerful bosses

Destroy the most powerful bosses

There are bosses and special enemies that offer great rewards when defeated. However, they are usually harder to beat , but the effort is worth it due to the significant amount of gems you can earn.

Organize your team well and plan your attacks to defeat these bosses strategically. In the end, you will see how your portfolio goes up without stopping.

Choose your characters well

Not all characters are the same, and some have abilities that can increase your resource gathering efficiency . Below, you can see the best glitches and bugs that you can implement to maximize your profits.

First, you can combine Merchant and Goblin . Because? Because Merchant is one of those that provides the most gems, so many players use it to accumulate free coins. In addition, Duende is an excellent option to get additional gold thanks to his special abilities.

While in game mode and with the shapeshifter power-up, collect coins to quickly unlock a chest… Choose the Goblin, farm, then collect gold coins, unlock another chest, choose the Merchant and so on. He will farm coins that you can convert into gems .

Another strategy that you can apply is to play with Merchant and Mavis . Use Merchant to collect coins during the game. In the meantime, make sure you have Mavis on your team, as she increases the amount of gems you earn at the end of a match.

During the game, focus on collecting as many coins as possible with Merchant. At the end of the game, thanks to Mavis, the coins collected will be converted into gems at a higher rate.

Take advantage of the shapeshifter power-up

As with gems, this trick consists of squeezing out all the power of the shapeshifter power-up . Start by choosing a strong character, preferably one with good attack. Then, when you collect enough resources to open a chest, be sure to grab the Goblin. The Leprechaun is great for generating gold coins.

After opening another chest, grab the same character again and continue with the Goblin. Since they are fused by the shapeshifter buff, you will be able to generate between 30 and 80 gold per minute while you continue farming and eliminating NPCs. Not bad, right?

Look for the bright characters

When you find yourself in the bustling lobby or have started a game, take a moment to look around you. You’ll notice that some characters emit a flash of stars , and that’s a sign you shouldn’t miss!

This particular glow indicates that the character is literally overflowing with gold coins, ready to be collected. By tapping on them, you can add between 5 and 10 additional coins to your wallet instantly.

Don’t underestimate the value of these extra coins, although they may seem few, they make a big difference between having enough gold to buy that item you need or falling short. Plus, this trick doesn’t require much effort .

Adventure with the Gem Pass

The Gem Pass is an opportunity to unlock even more riches as you play. By purchasing the pass, you will have access to a series of exclusive rewards including gold, special items and more . But here’s the trick: don’t settle for just getting the pass, learn to make the most of it!

A smart strategy is to actively participate in all available battles . Each battle gives you the opportunity to earn gems, which will allow you to advance through the Gem Pass more quickly and unlock more rewards, whether they are coins, chests, tickets, characters, keys, emojis and more.

Complete challenges

In the game you will also find challenges to complete. These challenges can range from collecting a certain amount of resources to eliminating a specific number of monsters or surviving for a certain amount of time. Be sure to pay attention to these challenges as you play .

By completing them, you can claim valuable rewards. These rewards include not only gold bonuses , but also epic chests that contain even more riches, such as special items, power-ups, and rare characters.

Complete the weekly missions

Keep an eye on the weekly missions and exciting challenge book in Squad Busters, as they are your tickets to a huge gold mine and rewards .

Weekly missions are another good alternative to earn additional gold and get chests full of characters that can improve your team. These missions are renewed regularly, so be sure to check them out and complete them within the corresponding time frame.

But that’s not all, the challenge book is another gold mine waiting to be explored. By completing the challenges found in this book, you will not only get gold, but also portal energy. This energy is important, as it will allow you to go on the Squad Trip, an experience where you can earn more gold and gems.


In conclusion, getting infinite gems and unlimited gold in Squad Busters is achievable with the right strategies and mindset. By completing daily quests, participating in events, joining a guild, using online generators cautiously, and watching ads for rewards, you can increase your gems and gold reserves in no time. Remember to play fair and enjoy the game responsibly while utilizing these tips to enhance your Squad Busters experience.

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