How to get gems, coins and pass levels in the game Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

If you already have the fun cartoon game Looney Tunes a World of Madmen and you don’t know how to get the resources, here we help you. Now you can have fun from your electronic device, with the new designs of your characters, if you want to know more tips, keep reading for more information.

How to get gems, coins and pass levels in the game Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

This game is great for those who like fun along with strategy , because you’ll have to figure out how to complete your battles and unlock your favorite characters. Like every game there is always a villain, in this case it is the Martian Marvin, who wants to take over the world of Looney Tunes, with great determination.

For you to be able to beat Marvin you must go through missions, use creativity, unlock the characters, in order to use them for battles. For this you will need gems and coins that will help you to pass the level, so later we will tell you how to get them and you will prepare.

Game attributes

If you are a fan of cartoons, it will not be difficult for you to realize the attributes that this game presents.

  • Easy to learn to play .
  • It is entertaining, fun and dynamic.
  • Incredible graphics, just like the animated series.
  • Variety of tasks and missions.
  • Multiplayer.

How to get gems

This type of currency is necessary to achieve objectives that are established throughout the trajectory of the game, they are achieved in the following way.

  • Completing achievements.
  • See full ads on the free gem board.
  • Using the ACMÉ offer section, where by playing some mini-games you can get gems.
  • Buy gems online.

Gem benefit

Thanks to the gems you can speed up the waiting process, you can restore your energy, buy tickets and buy items that you prefer in the store. Most things you buy with gems, so try not to waste it hastily, analyze where you should spend them.

How to get coins

In this game there are many things that you need to acquire and you will only have it if you have coins, below you will see the basic tips to obtain them.

  1. In the menu in the Campaign option, you can do missions and you will receive coins.
  2. Turning the Wheel , you never know if you will win a few coins, although you need special tickets that you will get when you meet the objectives. You will find the daily wheel, Golden Wheel, which spins for one gold ticket and the Mega Wheel that spins with 5 tickets.
  3. Do the 20 minute homework continuously.
  4. Complete the daily missions , for this you must fight and immediately you will be able to level up and obtain coins.
  5. Although it is not a very secure medium, by receiving ACMÉ boxes you can receive coins.
  6. Buy premium currency through the Toon Store, with real money.

How to pass a level in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

Starting this game is super easy, although there is only one supervillain, this one uses other characters from the famous cartoon comic against you. Therefore, you will have to do several things to level up and help repair the damage that Marvin has done.

  • Unlocking another character in battles.
  • Accomplishing daily goals.
  • Build buildings for each of your characters.
  • Complete the campaigns.
  • Create your combat team, you will receive rewards that will help you level the character and reach the next level.

Tips for having an excellent combat team Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

As we have mentioned before, this is a team strategy game , but you will compensate to be forming little by little. Here we will show you how to build a good combat team and you can win battles easily and level up.

You will have to acquire characters of each skill so that you compensate the attacks in the battles, starting the same game it will guide you. At least have one of each, defense, support, healer and of course one of attack, you can gather as many as you want.

You can download it right now to your Android device , as long as you make sure that the operating system that your device has is 5.0 onwards. You are ready to fight the evil Marvin, and together with your friends recover the world of Tunes, while having fun.


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