One of the great attractions of Roblox is that you can customize your characters to give them the look you like the most. But many of the changes involve spending money. This is the case of the wings, which although they do not give you the power to fly, they do give you a very interesting appearance. But if you don’t want to spend a euro, we are going to teach you how to get free wings on Roblox .

One of the ways to get wings without paying is to be aware of the appearance of promotional codes . On the official page there are often raffles and promotions, and if you are lucky you can find one that allows you to get wings without paying.

Another option is to be attentive to YouTube channels about Roblox, since on many occasions the creators also offer codes with which to achieve free wings.

You can also access some web pages where raffles are held that allow you to get money for the game. Therefore, if you are looking for how to get free wings on Roblox this may be an interesting option. Of course, keep in mind that on many occasions this type of website implies giving information about your account and we do not know very well to whom, so we must be careful. Some of the most interesting are King of Prizes or Gamehag .

Finally, if you have a hidden talent, someone may want to pay for it. Among the large community of Roblox players, someone may be willing to invest real or virtual money in you in exchange for writing a comic or editing a video. It is a way to get wings a little more laborious, but one that is enormously effective.


If you want to know how to get the paper wings in Roblox in 2021 , you should know that you will not be able to simply buy them in the store like the rest of the wings. In order to have this add-on, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge. The idea is that it is about wings made of book material, designed for the most intelligent.

To reach them, in the Games section you will have to enter Roblox Creator Challenge in the search engine . Among the results that you will find, you will have to select one whose cover will appear a book placed on a lectern on top of a circle. Click on the Play button and you will be in for the challenge that will allow you to get the paper wings for free.

To do this you will have to answer the three challenges that are proposed to you, each of them made up of several questions about game development.

By the time you have answered all the questions, the paper wings will be at your disposal. Now go to the creator of your avatar. In the Recent> Accessories section you can see how you have the paper wings ready to use them whenever you want. When you want, you can place them on your character to give it a special touch.

As with all other types of wings, paper wings do not allow you to fly or give you any special powers. But even if its function is purely aesthetic, it is fun, as well as being a way to show how much you know about the game.

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