How to get free Pokécoins in Pokémon Go

You may be one of those that despite the fact that Pokémon Go came out in the summer of 2016, they are still flawed like the most. By now you will be wondering how to get pokecoins in Pokemon Go, because there are different ways to get the game’s currency in a simple way.

As the name of the object itself indicates, we would be talking about the exchange currencies within the game, that is, the way that Niantic, the company that owns Pokémon Go, has to include micropayments in the title of mobile phones to get profitability and make it viable. in the time.


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We will detail all these objects and their prices later in this article, but first what interests us is to get pokecoins in Pokemon Go in the easiest way possible and especially how the players of this mobile video game can take advantage of all the playable mechanics to learn to play the video game better and take advantage of every corner of it.


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    • 1 How to get pokecoins in Pokémon Go using gyms effectively?

How to get pokecoins in Pokemon Go?

To be direct and to the point, no matter how many turns the subject is given on other websites, the reality is that the only way to get free Pokécoins in Pokémon Go is by playing the video game and, to specify much more and not waste your time , you will have to use pokémon gyms for it.

Niantic giving the option to free to play players who do not want to spend a single euro on the video game has established this way of getting the coins in game, but you have to do it well, they do not give you anything.

This method as such can take time, but it is a direct way and that in our view is totally safe (and above all legal, it must be said) to gradually collect the Pokécoins so that later you can Invest them in the Pokémon GO video game store. Next we will explain what you have to do in a more step-by-step way to be able to get the coins. 


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  • You must have reached Pokémon trainer level 5 to gain access to the gyms in the video game and thus be able to join one of the three teams that will offer you.
  • You will have to look for gyms which are dominated by the team you have chosen and now it is your Pokémon team and once you have done it you will have to approach one of them.
  • You will have to leave one of your Pokémon in the gym so that it can defend it from other trainers who want to win that gym.
  • What that Pokémon will do is that during every 10 minutes that the Pokémon endures defending the Pokémon gym, it will generate 1 Pokécoin for free .
  • The only limitation to this method is based on the fact that during each day we can only win a cap of  50 Pokécoins (You have to keep in mind that this is regardless of the Pokémon and gyms to which you have gone to leave Pokémon to defend) Remember, you can make 50 coins a day maximum.
  • You have to know that a Pokémon can generate coins for a total of 8 hours a day . Beyond that daily time you can remove the Pokémon from the gym if you feel like doing it or need it for anything.
  • In order to receive the Pokécoins you have won, you will only have to wait for the Pokémon to return to your Pokémon gym team.

How to get pokecoins in Pokémon Go using gyms effectively?

Next we are going to proceed to give you a few tips or advice so that your Pokécoins account rises as if you were the Wolf of Wall Street versioned to Pokémon Go. The objective of this is that you can earn those coins in a very short time so that you are much more effective in your time within the Pokémon Go video game.

  • Visit the pokémon gyms every day and don’t miss one or you will be ineffective:

As we have said, we are talking about this is the only free method to get pokecoins , therefore you will have to defend gyms on a daily basis to get the most out of each and every one of them, without leaving a single one. If you play every day one of the main tasks that you should not forget is to approach each and every one of the pokemon gyms dominated by your team (as we mentioned earlier, this team is chosen at account level 5) so that you can leave in them to your Pokémon generating the coins. If there aren’t any gyms of yours nearby that are under your team’s control, try teaming up with other friendly Pokémon starters to conquer a nearby gym so you can easily farm those daily coins.

  • Look for gyms with a low influx of Pokémon trainers:

Also try to go for  gyms that may be difficult to access so that it is very unlikely that other trainers of the enemy team will conquer them quickly and lose the opportunity to generate coins in it. To give you an idea and make your own calculations based on your area, with about 5 and 10 gyms of medium difficulty you can generate large amounts of Pokémon Go game coins.

  • You must defend the gyms at the best possible times for this:

You have to take this point into account because in this way you will not waste time. There are very specific hours of the day, such as during the hours that people work or also school hours in which many players will be in high school, it can also be at night or very early in the morning … You have to search your perfect schedule that works best for you to leave your Pokémon defending and thus generate the coins without any attack or problem that interrupts that farming. This is one of the points that you must take into account the most to be effective. The schedule matters, and a lot. Make things easy if you can avoid stacks and you will get more coins in Pokémon Go.

  • Keep in mind that it will be much better if the gyms are far apart:

This is something that would be ideal, in order to hinder the enemy team but not essential. If you get the conquered Pokémon gyms to be far apart, you will have a greater chance that the enemy team does not conquer two in a row and thus your Pokémon continue to generate the pokecoins without any problem. This is ideal if you get it because that way you will avoid them being able to conquer you one by one and have to move or abandon being satisfied with a single conquest. As an advice or tip we can tell you that a distance of approximately between half and a kilometer, or even a little more if possible, would be ideal for someone to give up on conquering another gym. 

  • Use your defensive Pokémon to defend your gyms by conquering:

This is logical as you will be realizing but there are many people who do not apply it and easily lose their gyms. You should bring out those Pokémon that have greater defensive power , that is, you should bring out the power of the Pokémon on your team with better defensive attributes. If for whatever reason you still don’t have any with good defensive attributes, here are a few examples that you should capture to better defend each pokémon gym:   Snorlax, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Steelix, Blissey or Lapras .

Finally, remember that it is important that you cure your Pokémon with berries in order to give them greater motivation and that they can resist the defense of the gym for much longer. Aim for each Pokémon to stay defending for 4-8 hours per gym, then switch to another defensive Pokémon on your team .

What is your preferred method to get pokecoins in pokemon go? Leave it to us in the comment box and we will take it into account for future articles.


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