How to get free items on AliExpress

Every day more and more people decide to buy through store conglomerates like Aliexpress. As a result of the appearance of Aliexpress Plaza , in which items are shipped from Spain, the decision to purchase items at low cost has been encouraged thanks to short delivery times. Gone are, at least for certain products, the times when we had to wait a couple of months for the postman or courier to deliver the precious package.


Yes, the prices are already cheap on Aliexpress, but if we had the opportunity to get free items, we weren’t going to say no to him either, right? And that is what we can do thanks to its ‘Freebie’ program through which we can get, through a raffle , access to hundreds of articles that will only cost you 1 euro cent. The only requirement is that we will have to test the item for a few days and then write a review of the item and the store that has offered it to you.

To request your ‘freebies’ you just have to download the Aliexpress application in the Google Play application store and install it on your mobile phone. Once registered with your account, we look at the main page of the application and locate the series of circular icons on the cover. Click where you can read ‘Freebies’ and access the catalog of available products. We can only opt for two freebies a day , so be careful. The products are varied and can range from a bikini for summer to electronic bracelets for sports, through Bluetooth headphones and speakers and rechargeable batteries.

Once you click on the desired freebie, the screen will inform you how many people want the same one as you. It is the only drawback, that you will have to ‘fight’ with hundreds of people (even thousands, sometimes) to take the product home for a penny. In the ‘in stock’ section, the number of freebies being raffled appears. If you are awarded a new freebie, the item will be sent to your home at a cost of just one penny. The store that offers the freebie will be automatically added to your favorites list. This is another requirement to access the desired article.


Right next to the freebies section we have other very interesting ones to get coupons and coins from Aliexpress and thus get the products to be free or almost free. In the ‘Coins and coupons’ section you can perform different actions to get coins that you can later exchange for discount coupons or for Aliexpress products. Just for entering, each day, they will give us a coin and, each day, the number of coins we receive will increase. On the eighth day of entering in a row, for example, we can get 16 coins. There are also other ways to get coins, such as:


  • By leaving a comment in the freebies section, you will get 2 coins.
  • If you share a purchase made on Aliexpress on your social networks, you will get 3 coins.
  • By exchanging the coins for coupons or products, we will receive, in turn, another 3 coins.
  • You will be able to complete different ‘missions’ that Aliexpress asks you to get coins, such as liking a store
  • Planting and caring for virtual trees. Each seed costs one coin, and you can get discounts of up to $ 16 in coupons.
  • For 5 coins you can get discount coupons and as many coins in a card game.


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