How to get free Internet on your mobile

Getting free Internet on your mobile can be a difficult task but not impossible. The truth is that there are many ways that we can connect to a network without the need to compromise our mobile data rate, especially when we are not away from home or the office and the security of our modem leaves us, so it has arrived the moment to use creativity and technology.

There are solutions so simple that it could happen that we do not even contemplate it when looking for a free Internet connection, whether we are walking down the street, visiting some place or simply eating … There is always something you can do to have Internet without having to pay for it , because finally, it is a tool as necessary today as energy or fuel.

Now we are going to tell you everything you can do to get that free Internet on your mobile that you need so much.

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Public WiFi networks

The first option that you should consider when you need free Internet are public WiFi networks. This is the fastest and most useful way you will have to connect, because they are available in many places such as public institution buildings, town halls, parks, squares and in general many government entities offer this type of service at no cost.

Usually we will find some type of notice that indicates the free WiFi network so that you can connect and the name of said network, but if you are not sure you always have the opportunity to search for it, for this go to the settings menu of your mobile and select the WiFi option, check in that list the name of the network that does not have a lock next to it and that means that it is a free connection.

It is important to remember that connections to these types of public networks expose your phone to all kinds of people , because just as you connect, there may also be a cyber criminal waiting to attack, so better not use that network for anything important like a bank transaction or when entering a website with sensitive credentials.

If you enter a website you must verify that it has the SSL certificate , which is that little lock next to the address, so you can be sure that it is not a site that wants to impersonate your identity to steal your data.

It is also recommended that you use a free VPN for Android or iPhone , so you can encrypt your data and your information will be much more secure, regardless of whether it is a public network.

Use the Facebook app

Another of the most effective ways to get free Internet is through the Facebook application on your mobile. It is a very useful function that allows you to find the free network points that may be near you and that have been registered in the platform’s database and then give you the information and tell you how to get to the nearest network .

Using this method is quite convenient since you will not need to use any type of application or additional service , it will be enough to have the social network app installed on your mobile and you will be able to find that free WiFi that you need so much in a moment.

To use the functionality you must follow the following steps:

  1. First, enter the application and go to the menu with three horizontal stripes located in the upper right.
  2. Then go to the settings and privacy section.
  3. Then you must find the option called “Search WiFi”
  4. When you press on it, you will see that it shows you the list of available or nearby networks and how to get to the closest one so that you can connect.

By choosing any of the options, it also offers you very useful information, such as the type of speed that you can experience depending on the previous connections registered, the distance at which it is and other information of interest.

Free WiFi from Vodafone

Another way to have free Internet on your mobile is to go to a Vodafone store , the only drawback is that to be able to enjoy this benefit you must be a customer of that operator and, of course, live in Spain.

This company has a network of more than 140 stores that are distributed throughout the country, so at least in each city you will have that place where you can connect to free high-speed Internet to carry out any activity you need on the network , but you should know that these connections are limited to a time of 50 minutes per day , so you will not be able to stay the whole day there working, for example.

It will be enough to go to the establishment and find the signal, in fact you do not need to enter , it will be enough to be close enough and it will work. Once the established period has been fulfilled, it will disconnect the signal and you will have to wait until the next day if you want more.

Free WiFi with Euskaltel

Just as Vodafone offers free WiFi, the operator Euskaltel also offers it, only in a much more convenient way, because it is a WiFi network established on the street and without a time limit or consumption of gigabytes.

If there is no time limit, if it can be taken on the street, then how does it work? since this company borrows the signal from the routers of all its clients to provide service to those who are on the street.

To use this free Euskaltel WiFi service, you must download the Euskaltel WiFi app on your mobile, configure it and start browsing; the rest will be done by the application that will link with the available routers so that you can navigate.

Use Swift WiFi to have free Internet

The Swift WiFi application helps you find free connections around the world, for this it has a network of about 60 million points available globally . The advantage of this tool is that it does not require the use of passwords to connect.

In addition to offering you the possibility of connecting to a network for free, this application offers you some interesting and useful functions such as the possibility of sharing files with other people close to us without using our mobile data connection, all through a tool integrated.

  1. Download Swift WiFi

Wefi Pro offers you free Internet in any country

Just like Swift WiFi, the Wefi Pro application helps you find WiFi networks that are free so you can connect anywhere in the world , but what makes this app stand out is that it offers you quality indicators, depending on the connection most convenient for watching videos, loading web pages or using apps that require the use of data.

Users can use the tool to establish the connection directly, so you do not need to use anything else to navigate, but it is important that you remember that the map of this application is built based on open signals that anyone can access.

  1. Download Wefi Pro


Another of the applications that you can try to have free Internet is Instabridge, the application itself is free and available for Android and iOS , it is a large database of passwords for WiFi networks and it is the users themselves who are feeding the password bank of different locations such as cafes, restaurants, bookstores and many more.

Each user who enters can also contribute to grow the password network , in this way when you visit a place you can immediately access the network without problems, the best thing is that the app only needs to be installed to work and does not need any type of special configuration.

This application does not do anything illegal and does not offer to violate any password , it simply uses the information provided by the users themselves to enter the different networks available in public places.

  1. Download Instabridge

Ask them to share data with you

If all of the above has not worked for you so far, then to have free Internet on your mobile you should ask a close person or a friend to share data with you in case you need it urgently.

For this, the other person will only need to activate the access point through Hotspot and for this they must go to their settings, the network options and activate the WiFi Zone or the network anchor connection according to the device and the operating system that they have. .

Usually, this type of data connection to share requires the configuration of a name and a password that must be provided to the person with whom the data will be shared, while the user must locate it as a normal WiFi connection and put the password to connect.

Also, if you arrive at a place with a WiFi network and you do not know the password but there is someone who is already connected, you only have to ask them to enter the configuration of their phone, if it is an Android mobile, to locate the network to which they are connected in the settings of your WiFi and touch the share button , there a QR code will be displayed that when scanning it will connect you to the same network.

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