How to get featured on Instagram?

How to get featured on Instagram..Instagram changes the algorithm all the time and this event despairs many because they do not know how to keep up to date and make their accounts continue to grow, we are just getting used to the tool.The best way to grow on Instagram is the Explore Page, that section that you see when you click on the magnifying glass within your mobile app.

How to get featured on Instagram?

Our images or videos are there and the publication is naturally driven to go viral and achieve more reach, followers and traffic, but creating viral content is almost impossible. In the attempts it does not always work, however you can find viral content on Instagram to boost the growth of your own account.

How to get Instagram to show you as featured?/How to get featured on Instagram?

How to get featured on Instagram?

According to Instagram there is no magic and universal recipe to be included in their list of suggested users. In fact, they do not assure you that even if you follow their recommendations, you will appear as a prominent user on Instagram .

Even so, it is not enough that you know some of the aspects that are most relevant when selecting a user’s profile as featured.

  • Suggested users always publish original and quality content.
  • Featured User Profile posts should serve as an example and adhere to the Instagram Community Guidelines.
  • Instagram always seeks to highlight new publications, which stand out from the rest and generate interest. To present new registered users with a talented pool of users, the list of suggested or featured users is constantly reviewed and updated for new quality profiles.
  • Instagram does not include in the suggested list users whose photos are intended to promote products of brands or companies. Instagram is an effective tool for brands and businesses, but they cannot afford to create confusion about their sponsorship commitments.
  • Suggested users act as community ambassadors and help build a growing Instagram community. That is, if you are or have been an organizer of Instagram Meetups in your city , you have a better chance of appearing as featured.

Apart from all the aspects mentioned, you should also take into account some considerations to prevent Instagram from discarding your profile from the first moment.

  • Few publications and without any periodicity. No matter how good photos you post, if you only have 20 photos on your profile and the last one you posted months ago, we are almost certain that Instagram will never choose your profile as a featured.
  • Have the option ” Suggestions from similar accounts ” unchecked on your Instagram web profile. That would prevent Instagram from showing you as a suggestion on other people’s profiles. You can see your configuration by entering your web profile, in ” Edit profile ” and right at the end of the form you will be able to see if the option is checked.
  • And of course, have a private profile. Although it may seem obvious, we want to make it clear. You never know ?

In short, appearing as a featured user on Instagram is something that every Instagram user looks for. Having your publications recognized by Instagram itself confirms the good work you are doing and somehow they reward you for everything you contribute to the community of instagramers.

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