How to get essences in League of Legends very fast – LoL Essences

Video games are full of objects that can be obtained in order to make your experience much more complete or simple. The developers put these objects in different ways , either in the form of objects that are obtained in the natural course of the game, or those that can be purchased with microtransactions or through DLC packs.

The downloadable content in today’s video games is vast and quite rich, and it gives the opportunity to be able to make a much bigger game without having to release a new title, keeping the same rich game for many years.

How to Get Essences in League of Legends Very Fast – LoL Essences

This can be seen in different games popular fights that are played today, like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Killer Instinct and more . The fact that new characters , maps, environments, music, alternate campaigns, etc are added; makes the game stay alive without boring its fan base.

But, just as we can buy this content, there are games that obtain this content periodically and totally free, as in games such as League of Legends . This is a game that is continuously evolving, and year after year experiences the addition of new champions, objects and all kinds of content that are free.

However, this can be a bit misleading, as you can get all these items without paying a penny, but not totally for free – you must play the game to get them. Each time certain criteria are met, the player wins a small sum of a kind of currency called Blue Essence , which is used to obtain different objects in the game.

So, if you want to know how to obtain this blue essence to be able to play just the way you want and with more variety, you can read the following tutorial to find out everything you need to know about its acquisition and how it works.

What can you do with the Blue Essence?

League of Legends is a highly addictive strategy game in which the player takes control of a character or champion with special abilities to play a role within a game. Currently, League of Legends has dozens of champions to choose from, but you can’t play them whenever you want unless you buy them.

It is possible to pay with a credit card to obtain RP, which is used for different transactions within the game in case you do not want to play or wait to get something, but it is possible to make several purchases with Blue Essence.

Through the Blue Essence you can buy champions, cosmetic modifications to them and more, but it can be quite a process to get a decent amount for the actions you want to perform within the game.

How to obtain Blue Essence?

The Blue Essence can be obtained through different ways within the game, but primarily you have to play the same game to obtain it. Once every 24 hours, the game will give you a small buff that you can use so that when you win a game, you can obtain a considerable sum of Blue Essence, although you will also get a little each time you play a game.

On the other hand, it is possible to obtain it through chests or Champion Essences ; You get the chests whenever you get an S Rank in a game with a champion, and you will open it with the keys that you get when you win a game. These chests can have different things, such as essence and champions that you can unlock through it for a special price.

You will also get these unlockable champions on sale whenever you level up, which you will get when you play a specific number of games that give you enough experience.

Once this happens, you will get a champion that you can unlock at a special price, but if you already have the champion in your collection you can simply disenchant the champion to turn him into Blue Essence.


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