How To Get Characters In Genshin Impact

In this article, we will get acquainted with the character acquisition system in the game Genshin Impact.How To Get Characters In Genshin Impact.

At the very beginning, the game will offer us to choose the gender of our main character and give him a name, but no more. Please note that in the future you will not be able to change the gender of the character.

Choosing the main character

The gameplay is based on the interaction of a team of four characters, so you will need to assemble your team. The game has many ready-made characters and each with its own interesting story.

Character gallery

The key differences between the characters are:

  • weapons used (catalyst, pole, bow, one-handed sword and two-handed sword);
  • element (Pyro (fire), Cryo (ice), Electro (electricity), Hydro (water), Geo (stone), Anemo (air) and Dendro (earth));
  • rank (four-star and five-star).

Some characters can be obtained for free, that is, by play, while others are available in Prayers and the Paimon store.

Free Characters

At the beginning of the storyline, we will meet our first companion, her name is Amber. She is a four-star archer using the fire element (Pyro). This is the first of five characters that you can get by completing tasks.

Amber character

Continuing to complete the storyline (tasks of the Archons), we will meet Electro Mage Lisa and Keiyu, a swordsman with the element of ice (Cryo). These four-star characters will also join your team.

Lisa and Keia characters

Two more four-star characters will be a little more difficult to obtain, namely Barbara and Xiang Ling.

Barbara is a mage with a water element (Hydro), using healing skills that will be useful in a team.

To get it, you will need to reach Adventure Rank 18 and complete the Blue Shadow quest in the A Song of Dragon Freedom storyline.

Character Barbara

Xiang Ling is a spearman with a Pyro element. It can be obtained at rank 20 of the adventure, passing the Twisted Abyss up to the 3rd floor of the 3rd hall, inclusive.

Xiang Ling character

There is another character, her name is Aloy. It will be mailed to us for free, but only if you have Adventure Rank 20 or higher. She is a five-star archer with a Cryo element. But this is a temporary event, in version 2.1 of the game it can be obtained only on PS4 / 5, and in version 2.2 – on all other platforms. The event will last until version 2.3 is installed.

Aloy character

Periodically, other events appear in the game, in which you can get some characters through play.


One of the main ways to get characters in the game is through Prayer.

Prayer is a way to get a random weapon or character using the Prayer item.

Prayer subjects include Fateful Encounters and Intertwining Fates. There are many ways to get them in the game, for example, buy with the source stones or explore the world of Teivat.

Prayer Items

On four-star and five-star characters, the chance is not high, but there is a “guarantor”. We will tell you more about him under each Prayer.

In detail, what characters and weapons are available, you can see in the game in the “Details” tab under each Prayer.

At the moment, there are 4 types of Prayers in the game: Novice Prayer, Standard Prayer, Character Event Prayer and Weapon Event Prayer.

Beginner’s Prayer

The beginner’s Prayer is notable for the fact that you are guaranteed a four-star character Noelle (Geo) for the first 10 Prayers, and a four-star character or higher for the next 10 prayers.

The beginner’s prayer is not limited in time, but only 20 prayers are available and it cannot be used one Prayer at a time, only a set of 10 pieces. This pack is 20% off, so you only need 8 Fateful Encounters Prayer items per use.

Beginner’s Prayer

Standard prayer

Standard prayer includes: three-star weapons, all four-star characters, and five standard five-star characters (Dilyuk, Qi Qi, Ke Qing, Mona, and Jinn). In this prayer, in addition to characters, four-star and five-star weapons can be dropped.

For this prayer, you will need the subject “Fateful Encounters.”

Characters or weapons of four stars and above can be guaranteed to be obtained from 10 Prayer, and five-star characters from a maximum of 90.

Standard prayer is not limited in time and number of Prayers.

Standard prayer

Character event prayer

This is a prayer in which exclusive characters are available for a limited period of time. It can drop: 3-star weapons, all 4-star characters and some weapons, all standard 5-star characters, and an exclusive character.

For this prayer, you will need the subject “Intertwining Fates.”

Four-star and higher characters or weapons can be guaranteed to be obtained from 10 Prayer, and a five-star character – from a maximum of 90. Since there is an exclusive character in this Prayer, there is an additional condition for obtaining it. The first character received with a 50% probability will be exclusive, if this did not happen, then the next character will definitely be it.

There are no five star weapons in this prayer, they are represented in the Prayer of the event of arms.

When a new four-star character is added, it first appears in the Character Event Prayer and is not available in Standard Prayer. When the character event Prayer ends, he appears in Standard Prayer.

Prayer character events in version 2.1

Prayer weapon events

In this prayer, the main item to use it for is the exclusive five-star weapon. There are no five-star characters here, but there is a chance to get any available four-star character.

For this prayer, you will need the subject “Intertwining Fates.”

Characters or weapons of four stars and above are guaranteed to be obtained from Prayer 10.

New four-star characters appear in this prayer only after the end of the character event Prayer.

Prayer weapon events in version 2.1

Paymon’s shop

If you come across repeatedly four-star or five-star characters and weapons, they will be converted into a special currency “Wandering Stars Glitter”. It can be spent at the Paimon Store on four-star characters or other items that change every month.


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