How to Get Blackberries In Genshin Impact

Learn all the methods that exist in Genshin Impact to get the exchange currency called Mora, with which to trade. You can get it by completing missions, opening chests, and much more!

Daniel González ·16:05 6/10/2020

The blackberries are the type of currency of Genshin Impact which is mainly used in the game to trade with NPC’s and level up our characters and more. As such, there are many different ways to get lots of blackberries , in this section of our complete guide our intention is to tell you all about them and reveal to you which is the best method.

All the methods to get Blackberries

Here are all the methods that are known to obtain Blackberries in Genshin Impact.


Best method to get Blackberries fast

We want to start by telling you about the best method to get Blackberries. We describe it as the best because it is one of the fastest to carry out and the good thing is that it can be done every day. When you have advanced a bit and raised your Adventure Rank you will get the Adventurer’s Manual and later a section called “Assignments” .

  • In this section every day you willalways have 4 new Orders available to fulfill.
  • These are small tasksthat do not take long, such as going to a place and clearing an area of ​​enemies.
  • These commissions in themselves report several rewards and always 2,775 blackberries
  • Also when you fulfill the 4 orders of the day you can go to claim the extra reward where you will get 5,575 blackberries.
  • In a few minutes to complete the orders of the day you will have achieved a total of 16,655 blackberries.

Open law flowers

Also when you have advanced in your Adventure Rank there will come a time when you unlock the opening of the ley lines and with it the ley flowers . These flowers sprout at different points on the map every day and if you open them they are like treasures that contain valuable objects, among which of course you can get blackberries.

  • Open the map each day and look for the ley flowers marked with a yellow symbol.
  • When you get to them you will have to touch them so that enemies appear.
  • Eliminate all opponentsand spend 20 Original Resin points to open the flower.
  • By this method you can earn thousands of blackberries.

Complete Abyssal Domains

Another great way to obtain blackberries is by completing Nether Domains , although these will only be accessible when you already have a good adventure rank. In addition, it takes time to perform them, so one of the two methods described above is easier and faster.

Many more ways to obtain Blackberries

Aside from the methods we’ve described, there are plenty of other ways to get blackberries in small quantities and for a variety of reasons. Always keep in mind these alternatives to farm Blackberries when you need them:

  • Mission rewards:don’t forget to do any type of mission as almost all of them reward you with blackberries.
  • Claim the rewards of the Adventure Rank:because at all levels you get blackberries, and in large quantities.
  • Conduct research:from the Adventurer’s Handbook and claim the rewards. They are tasks that are fulfilled as you play. Check the manual often.
  • Open chests:of course all chests in the game can give you blackberries, another ideal way to accumulate them little by little.
  • Eliminate Enemies –Always gives you small amounts of bonus blackberry.

Buy blackberries

Although it is not the most advisable, if you are peeling blackberries and you really need them, you can always resort to the method of buying them with another currency. In this case we refer to redeem Stardust ownerless section of Gangas of Paimon of the store .

  • 10,000 Blackberries are always available –in exchange for 10 Stardust.
  • This action can only be done:a maximum of 30 times each month.
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